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Presentation: Putting Node.js Serverless Apps into Production without the Pitfalls

Track: JavaScript: Pushing the Client Beyond the Browser

Location: St James, 4th flr.

Duration: 2:55pm - 3:45pm

Day of week: Monday

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Serverless is the new way of creating software. It means moving away from servers and leaving that to the cloud vendor. Instead, you focus on features and business value and use managed cloud services to build powerful applications. Serverless allows you to do more much faster.

But there are plenty of pitfalls, all of which can sour your initial experiences of putting Serverless into production.

This talk covers the highs and lows of building Node.js apps with Serverless. The open source, JavaScript-based SLIC Starter project will be presented, showing how it is used to quickly adopt best practices and get to a successful production deployment without the pain. We'll also show how TypeScript-based Infrastructure as Code is the way forward!

Speaker: Eoin Shanaghy

CTO and co-founder @fourtheorem

Eoin is the CTO and co-founder of fourTheorem, a technology consultancy focused on modern applications and machine learning. He is also the author of "AI as a Service", a book on building serverless AI applications from Manning Publications. Prior to fourTheorem, Eoin worked in software architecture and product engineering in both startups and enterprises globally

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