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Visual Intro to Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Break into machine learning with this gentle and intuitive journey through central concepts in machine learning -- from the most basic models up to the latest cutting edge deep learning models. This highly visual presentation will give you the mental map of ML prediction models and how to apply them to real-world problems with plenty of examples from existing businesses and products.

Machine learning is rapidly advancing and, in its path, transforming industries and careers.  It enables software to solve certain problems that have vexed other approaches. Yet, even for software engineers, getting started with machine learning can be confusing and overwhelming. But trust me, you've got this. The central concepts are much easier than they might appear at first.  Whether you want to take the first steps into the field or accelerate your understanding of practical models and their applications, this talk is for you.


Jay Alammar

VC and Machine Learning Explainer @STVcapital

Through his blog and lessons on Udacity, Jay has helped tens of thousands of people wrap their heads around complex machine learning topics. Jay harnesses a visual, highly-intuitive presentation style to communicate concepts ranging from the most basic intros to data analysis, interactive intros...

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Machine Learning: The Latest Innovations


Machine LearningDeep LearningModel Driven Development


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BERT for Sentiment Analysis on Sustainability Reporting

Sentiment analysis is a commonly used technique to assess customer opinion around a product or brand. The data used for these purposes often consists of product reviews, which have (relatively) clear language and are even labeled (e.g. ratings). But when you look at what companies write about...

Susanne Groothuis

Sr. Data Scientist in the Advanced Analytics and Big Data team @KPMG

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Accuracy as a Failure

When you see a green light, will you cross the street? Or will you still check for cars?When your machine learning model has demonstrated high accuracy, do you push it to production?This talk contains cautionary tales of mistakes that might happen when you let your data scientists on a goose...

Vincent Warmerdam

Research Advocate @Rasa

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Speeding Up ML Development with MLFlow

Machine Learning is more approachable than ever before and the number of companies applying Machine Learning to build AI powered applications and products has dramatically increased in recent years.  On this journey of adopting Machine Learning, many companies learn successful Machine...

Hien Luu

Engineering Manager @LinkedIn focused on Big Data

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Machine Learning Open Space

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The Fast Track to AI with Javascript and Serverless

Most people associate AI and Machine Learning with the Python language. This talk will explore how to get started building AI enabled platforms and services using full stack Javascript and Serverless technologies. With practical examples drawn from real world projects the talk will get you up and...

Peter Elger

Co-Founder & CEO @fourtheorem

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