Speaker: Peter Elger

Co-Founder & CEO @fourtheorem

Peter Elger is the co-founder and CEO of fourTheorem, a company providing expertise on next generation cloud architecture, agile development, AI and machine learning. Formerly a physicist working at the JET fusion research project, Peter was previously co-founder and CTO of Stitcher Ads, a social advertising platform and nearForm, a node.js consultancy. Peter holds degrees in physics and computer science and is a co-author of the Node Cookbook as well as several academic papers on software methodology. Peter’s latest book ‘AI as a Service’ is available from Manning Publications.

Talk : The Fast Track to AI with Javascript and Serverless

Talk : Distributed Systems / ML AMA w/ N. Wrightson, P. Elger & V. Warmerdam

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Engineering Manager @LinkedIn focused on Big Data
Sr. Data Scientist in the Advanced Analytics and Big Data team @KPMG
VC and Machine Learning Explainer @STVcapital
Research Advocate @Rasa


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