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Location: Henry Moore, 4th flr.

Day of week: Wednesday

Industry practitioners and technical product managers from leading vendors demonstrate solutions to some of today's toughest software development challenges in the areas of performance monitoring, Big Data, software delivery, scalability, and more.

Track Host: Nitin Bharti

Managing Editor and Product Manager, C4Media

Over the last decade, Nitin has helped build several notable online developer communities including, DZone, and The Code Project. He is known for his extensive editorial work in the Enterprise Java, .NET, SOA, and Agile communities. As Managing Editor and Product Manager at C4Media - the producer of and QCon events - Nitin continues to pursue his primary passion: helping spread knowledge and innovation throughout the enterprise software development community.

10:35am - 12:40pm

Workshop: Kubernetes 101

Kubernetes is one of the most popular technologies in cloud computing at the moment but it can be really confusing at times. Running containers in production is a tricky challenge but Kubernetes makes it a lot easier. Come along to this free workshop, learn about container orchestration and get hands-on experience in managing a container cluster with Kubernetes. This is a workshop is aimed at people who have no experience with Kubernetes. A basic understanding of containers will be helpful but is not required.  

Please bring your laptop for the hands-on lab.

Ed Shee, Developer Advocate @IBM

1:40pm - 3:45pm

Workshop: Audio Classification with Convolutional Neural Networks

The world is full of sound, and until recently, it was a solely human characteristic to be able to identify from whom or to what those sounds belong. But not anymore! With the development and increased availability of machine learning models, accurately identifying sounds is an ability within the grasp of modern computers, and programmers.

In this workshop, we will cover the basics of convolutional neural networks, and then we will train a convolutional neural network (powered by IBM Watson) to identify spectrograms of a number of speakers - namely - late night hosts Conan O’Brien and Stephen Colbert.  Please bring your laptop for the hands-on lab.

Sean Tracey, Developer Advocate @IBM

4:10pm - 5:00pm

IBM Speaker AMA

Please pass by this Ask Me Anything session with Ed Shee and Sean Tracey from IBM.

Ed Shee, Developer Advocate @IBM
Sean Tracey, Developer Advocate @IBM

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