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Enterprise Blockchain and the Metaverse

The enterprise blockchain space has seen over 3.5x growth over the past 12 months with over US$6 billion in investments. The recent developments in blockchain applications across FT tokenisation and NFTs, DeFi and decentralised digital identity has the potential to provide key enablers in the development of the metaverse, and an opportunity for enterprise to bring adoption, reputation and trust to the transformation.

In this talk David will explore the development of enterprise blockchain against the growth in public blockchain protocols, and new automated businesses that are emerging e.g. smart contract/DAOs. David will assess the extent to which web3 is a threat or an opportunity for the enterprise and this transition to incorporate new metaverse business models.


David Palmer

Business Lead @VodafoneGroup

David Palmer is a digital visionary and global platform innovator. He is the Vodafone Business lead for Blockchain technology, and he has been key to exploring the application of blockchain to telecoms and wider business.David is an expert on the convergence of digital technologies and new...

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Wednesday Apr 6 / 11:50AM BST (50 minutes)


Abbey, 4th flr.


Enterprise Blockchain




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