Session + Live Q&A

How to Operationalize Transformer Models on the Edge

Sometimes the hardest part of building ML solutions is deployment. In this session, we will look at different model deployment architectures, how to deploy with edge devices and inference in different programming languages. By the end of the demo-heavy session, you will see how to optimize large models, reduce costs, and deploy anywhere.


Cassie Breviu

Senior Program Manager @Microsoft

Cassie Breviu is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft on the AI Frameworks team. She is a career switcher and self-taught developer. She is passionate about D&I and helping others learn to code. She enjoys working in technologies with two letter abbreviations: AI/ML, MR/VR/XR/AR. But really,...

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Monday Apr 4 / 10:35AM BST (50 minutes)


Abbey, 4th flr.


Innovations in ML Systems


Edge ComputingMachine Learning

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Session + Live Q&A Open Source

Open Machine Learning

Monday Apr 4 / 11:50AM BST

In this talk, Omar will talk about trends in the ML ecosystem for Open Science and Open Source. Omar will talk about the power of creating interactive demos using Open Source libraries, BigScience, a one-year long research workshop involving over 700 researchers, and other community-led efforts...

Omar Sanseviero

Machine Learning Engineer @huggingface

Session + Live Q&A Machine Learning

A Chat with the Experts

Monday Apr 4 / 04:10PM BST

Join Cassie Breviu as your host for a discussion about ML and get all your questions answered from the amazing speakers in the Innovations in ML track!

Omar Sanseviero

Machine Learning Engineer @huggingface

Mehrnoosh Sameki

Senior Technical Program Manager & Tech Lead @Microsoft

Sara Bergman

Software Engineer at the Green Software Foundation

Session + Live Q&A Tech Ethics

Operationalizing Responsible AI in Practice

Monday Apr 4 / 01:40PM BST

Enabling responsible development of artificial intelligent technologies is one of the major challenges we face as the field moves from research to practice. Researchers and practitioners from different disciplines have highlighted the ethical and legal challenges posed by the use of machine...

Mehrnoosh Sameki

Senior Technical Program Manager & Tech Lead @Microsoft

Session + Live Q&A Machine Learning

The Next Decade of Software Is About Climate - What Is the Role of ML?

Monday Apr 4 / 02:55PM BST

Climate action has risen to the top of many technology companies' agenda. But how does one get started? Green software engineering is an emerging discipline and being a part of the climate change solution is a relatively new part of many software companies' strategy. With accuracy hungry...

Sara Bergman

Software Engineer at the Green Software Foundation


Unconference: ML Innovations

Monday Apr 4 / 05:25PM BST

Details coming soon.

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