Flawed ML Security: Mitigating Security Vulnerabilities in Data & Machine Learning Infrastructure with MLSecOps

The operation and maintenance of large scale production machine learning systems has uncovered new challenges which require fundamentally different approaches to that of traditional software. The field of security in data & machine learning infrastructure has seen a growing rise in attention due to the critical risks being identified as it expands into more demanding real-world use-cases. In this talk we will introduce the motivations and the importance of security in data & machine learning infrastructure through a set of practical examples showcasing "Flawed Machine Learning Security". 

These "Flawed ML security" examples are analogous to the annual "OWASP Top 10" report that highlights the top vulnerabilities in the web space, and will highlight common high risk touchpoints. We'll cover a practical example covering how we can mitigate these critical security vulnerabilities. We will cover concepts such as RBAC for ML system artifacts and resources, encryption and access restrictions of data in transit and at rest, best practices for supply chain vulnerability mitigation, tools for vulnerability scans, and templates that practitioners can introduce to ensure best practices.


Tuesday Apr 9 / 02:45PM BST ( 50 minutes )


Fleming (3rd Fl.)


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