Speaker: Akara Sucharitakul

Principal MTS, Architect @PayPal

Akara Sucharitakul founded project squbs (pronounced s-cubes) for Internet scale Akka productionalization. He works in the PayPal infrastructure team, on both squbs and messaging. Akara is a 20 year veteran of the JVM from its very early days and of a veteran of Sun for 15 years. He left his fingerprints all over industry-wide standards for testing and measuring server-side Java performance.

Akara has a lifetime passion on performance, scalability, and resiliency, and appreciates the beauty of application architecture and simplicity. Prior to PayPal, Akara has been part of the joined eBay/PayPal where he led the development of framework and infrastructure that moved teams from centralized to distributed, agile architecture with on-demand code rollout. This resulted in dramatic increase in developer throughput.

Find Akara Sucharitakul at:

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