Speaker: Chris Wilkinson

Software Development Lead @Capgemini

Chris joined Capgemini as a Technical Lead. As a consultant in delivery, he has worked with many large-scale clients in software development, DevOps and architecture roles. Not a typical software engineer, he has a commercial mindset and yet is product focused. Chris strives to find the balance between reasonable timescales whilst producing meticulously built and maintainable products. His management style is to coach, share knowledge and to promote good practice and design patterns through experience and research, but what fascinates him is the culture of our industry, and where the lines between the technical, and the not-so-technical are blurred.

Chris discovered his love for programming and problem solving at an early age, and went on to study computer games development. He has since written software in many industry verticals including finance, oil & gas, petrochemical and the public sector.

Find Chris Wilkinson at:

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