Speaker: Guillaume Laforge

Developer Advocate at Google Cloud and PMC Chair for Apache Groovy

Guillaume Laforge is Developer Advocate for Google Cloud Platform, during the day, often talking about serverless technologies, conversational interfaces, or machine learning APIs. And at night, he wears his Apache Groovy cap, a popular alternative language for the Java Virtual Machine.

Find Guillaume Laforge at

Preliminary tracks

Discover some of the topics you will see at QCon London. *The schedule is subject to change

Event-Based Architectures: The Hard Parts

Architectures You've Always Wondered About

Building High Performing Teams

Scaling Security, from Device to Cloud

From Remote to Hybrid Teams: Return to Office?

Performance/Mechanical Sympathy

Next Generation Microservices: Building Distributed Systems the Right Way

The Cloud Operating Model

Chaos and Resilience: Architecting for Success

Modern Data Pipelines & Streams

Scaling Frontend

Modern JVM Innovations

MLOps: Implementing ML Across the Enterprise

Architecting a Modern Financial Institution

Crafting the Developer Experience

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