Speaker: Ivan Burmistrov

He / him / his

Principal Software Engineer @ShareChat

Ivan is an experienced software engineer with a passion in building large-scale distributed systems, realtime data processing and low-latency.

Currently Ivan is working at Indian's largest social network ShareChat, where he is leading the work on Realtime ML Feature Store, powering ShareChat's recommendation system.

Prior to ShareChat, Ivan has been working on Ads Experimentation system at Meta - one of the largest and most sophisticated experimentation systems in the world.

Outside of work, Ivan dedicates his free time to his 3-year-old daughter, whom he playfully describes as the most challenging 'system' he's ever encountered.

Find Ivan Burmistrov at:


The Harsh Reality of Building a Realtime ML Feature Platform

In a world where AI and ML are rapidly evolving, the need for efficient Realtime Feature Platforms has never been greater. But the journey to create one is far from straightforward.

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Tuesday Apr 9 / 11:45AM BST ( 50 minutes )


Windsor (5th Fl.)


ML Feature Store Apache Flink ScyllaDB Realtime Infrastructure Low-latency systems