Speaker: Kate Gray

Building brands / customers / talent at ambitious companies
Kate began her career in US national politics. Since that time, her professional experience has focused on business strategy and growth, and marketing and communications brand and strategy drawing on the fundamentals she learned in Washington, DC. She has consulted with and held Board-level roles at established global and national businesses, along with start-ups and early stage companies. Her sector experience includes technology, pharmaceutical, media, luxury travel, FMCG and retail. Kate considers herself fortunate to have worked with talented and focused investors, highly successful global executives, passionate and charismatic entrepreneurs, innovative political strategists, and regular people at all levels of organisations who are simply trying to do things better. There has also been plenty of time spent with incredibly unpleasant power mongers, angry middle managers, and incompetent investors. Life is about learning... She's currently working with Chris Matts and Dan North at Jackstone Consulting, as well as other engagements with global brands. Extra time is devoted to mentoring women in tech and London start-ups.

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Discover some of the topics you will see at QCon London.

Architectures You've Always Wondered About

Hard-earned lessons from the names you know on scalability, reliability, security & performance.

Performance & Mechanical Sympathy

Wrangling computer architectures to achieve your performance goals.

Current Trends in Frontends

Emerging frameworks and tools for web & mobile frontends.

Developer Enablement - The Secret Weapon

How to supercharge developer productivity and happiness.

Innovations in ML Systems

Discover how to operationalize machine learning applications that are scalable, secure, interpretable.

Building and Evolving APIs

How would you design and implement your APIs if you were starting today?

Staff-Plus Engineer Path

What are the skills you need to develop if you want to stay on the technical track to technical lead, staff, or principal? What will it take to thrive in this type of role?

Debug, Analyze & Optimise... in Production!

Learn how to make the most out of your observability.

Resilient Architectures

Building systems that can handle failures.

Modern Java

New, shiny, and proven – making your Java life better.

Enterprise Blockchain

Using blockchain to deliver decentralized systems for the enterprise.

WebAssembly & Modern Systems Programming Languages

Writing efficient code with modern systems languages like Rust and WebAssembly

Next Generation Microservices: Building Distributed Systems the Right Way

Patterns for building, organizing, observing & operating microservices in the real world.

Modern Data Pipelines & DataMesh

Learn about emerging solutions for creating modern data pipelines for common data challenges.

Optimising for Speed & Flow

Discover processes, practices & organizational structures that can help us build & release faster.

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