Past Speakers

Director of Software Development at LMAX
Founder of SafeStack
Creator of Domain Driven Design
Co-Inventor of Erlang
Java Champion
Microservice, Cloud, CI/CD Thoughtleader
Chief Storyteller at Narrate
Founder & CTO @Lightbend / Creator of Akka
CTO at ThoughtWorks
Java Language Architect @Oracle
Founder and CTO @YLD
Software Developer @8thLightInc and Co-Founder @MinedMinds
High Performance & Low Latency Specialist
Co-founder and Machine Learning Engineer @Ravelin
Director and Co-Founder of Adaptive Financial Consulting
Engineering Director @Facebook focused on Live, Videos, and Messenger
Scientist at BEKK Consulting
Staff Engineer @VMware
CEO @jClarity
Author of the blog
CTO of Platform at Groupon
Chief Architect @SkyBet
Head of Common Platform @ITV
Senior Consultant at Industrial Logic
‎Principal Group Engineering Manager @Microsoft
InfoQ Lead Editor for Functional Programming
Chief Evangelist, Ruxit
Full-stack Developer @Unruly
Author of Functional Programming in Scala
Chief Evangelist for Apache Cassandra @DataStax
Managing Partner, The Cobalt Advisors
Chief Scientist @containersoluti (Container Solutions)
CTO and CO-Founder @Aerospike
Engineering Director @BigDataExperts
CTO @Sportradar
PayPal Lead Data Architect, Risk and Compliance Management Platform
Performance consultant and trainer
Co-author of Java 8 in Action
‎Lead Engineer, RTI at Pivotal
Software Engineer, Author, & Samza and Avro Committer
Distributed Systems PhD Candidate @CambridgeComputerLab
Senior Technical Architect @BBC
BigData and Cloud Architect
Distributed Systems Engineer Working on Cache @Twitter
Reporting and Data Team Lead @Unruly
Developer @Docker
Full Stack Developer Serverless
IBM Distinguished Engineer
Developer Advocate at Google Cloud and PMC Chair for Apache Groovy
Agile coach, Mentor and Researcher
Senior Consultant @containersoluti (Container Solutions)
Senior Software Engineer @IBM, Committer on Apache Aries
Java Champion, Author of "Java in a Nutshell"
Software Engineer, Cloudera
Netty Core Developer & Cloud Infrastructure Engineering @Apple
Distinguished Engineer @IBMCloud
‎Sr Director of Engineering, Cloud Foundry @Pivotal
Senior Staff Development Lead @Criteo
Data Scientist & Co-Organiser of PyData London Meetup
Principal Site Reliability Engineer @Gremlin
Director of the Financial Times' Labs division
Senior Program Manager @Microsoft
Global Head of Sales at smartTrade Technologies
Lead iOS Developer @StarlingBank
Backend engineer @Drivetribe
Consultant Solicitor at Keystone Law
CTO of Erlang Solutions
‎Head of Product @GiantSwarm
‎Head of Engineering @Wix
President and Chief Master Architect @IDesign
Leads Notifications Team @Twitter
Committer and PMC member on the Apache Metron project
Engineering Manager @Uber - Marketplace Data & Forecasting
Co-Founder @Honeycombio, formerly DevOps @ParseIT/@Facebook
Software/Technical Advisor C4Media & QCon Chair, previous...
CTO @Avvo, former Spotify, Adobe, Microsoft
Director of Architecture, Guardian News and Media
Head of Software Architecture @Ocado
Founder of Weave, the docker network
CTO at Jamii Labs
Senior Performance Engineer @Improbableio
Leads the development of the Solarflare Open Onload IP stack
Builds data products. @LinkedIn data science alumnus and @Gephi co-...
Lead Engineer @Namecoin
Principal Engineer @NHSDigital
Engineer @Tesla
Lead Engineer @Atomist; Founder @ Russ Miles & Associates
Security Analyst @RiotGames
Lead Software Engineer at Gilt
Engineer @Redhat working on CRI-O Container Runtime
Founder and CTO of Empear
VP/CTO, Expedia Affiliate Network
Managing Director Basho EMEA
Technical Integration/Verification Leader for Volvo Truck Technology...
Engineer @Weaveworks and Maintainer of Go Kit
Deputy CTO @Azul
Senior Software Engineer
Lead Engineer @Deliveroo
Quantitative Software Developer @JuliaComputing
Crytocurrency Expert & Lead Maintainer Monero/Monero Core
Artificial Intelligence DevRel @NVIDIA
Manager, Insight Engineering at Netflix
Software Engineer @Buoyant
Product Development and Process Consultant, Enterprise Trainer, UX...
Developer Advocate @NetApp
Backend Engineer at SoundCloud
COO, CloudCredo
Product Manager at
CTO @Beamly
Founder & CSO @SignalSciences, Previously @Etsy
STSM, IBM Runtime Support, Monitoring and Diagnostics
CTO @Neurensic
Performance Consultant and OSS Contributor
Senior Software Engineer - Cloud Platform @Netflix
Group CTO @Superbet
Software Development Engineer @AWS Security
Director & Software Architect, ThoughtWorks
VP Engineering & Co-Founder @CitusData
Senior Engineering Manager @Deliveroo
Solutions Engineer @Jetstack
Sr. Staff Engineer @UberATG
Digital Transformation Director, HM Revenue & Customs, HMRC
Software Engineer @Sysdig
Co-author of "'Essential Slick", Author of "the...
Director, Education Services @Confluent
Data Science Manager @Uber
Principal Technologist for Cloud Foundry
CEO @containersoluti (Container Solutions)
Rust Core Team @Mozilla
Chief Architect @Coinbase
Software Engineer @Weaveworks
Father of XML - Uncle of Search Engines
Technology Director @Scott_Logic
Author of “Software Architecture for Developers”
Distributed Systems Engineer at Twitter
Head of Digital and Non-Digital Agile Transformation @...
Software Architect, Information Security Officer @‎Coursera
Software Engineer @Spotify
Director of Engineering @Bustle
Responsible for Data Quality @Uber Communications
Security Solutions Specialist @@riotgames
Head of Platforms, Product Integrations, Private Cloud and...
Fellow & Software Architect at Luminis Technologies
Engineering Manager @Moo
Partner at goAgile
VP Engineering @GlobalSign
Front-End Developer
Co-founder and developer advocate @Camunda
Led the performance effort for Java's G1 Garbage Collector
Leads E-commerce Development @SagePay

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