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Speaker: Pete Burden

Change Agent @ConsciousBusinessPeople
I ask useful and interesting questions – questions which move things on and get things going in better ways. I know about change, strategy, and group dynamics. And I can guide and support others, making it safe to experiment and try new things. I know that together we can bring about significant change, achieve better results, and have fun along the way. I work as a facilitator of change, business consultant and leadership coach. I have done this kind of work for more than 25 years. I have worked alongside many entrepreneurs, business owners and MDs. I have worked with very large companies – for a US Fortune 50 company, now part of HP, and with several FTSE 100 companies. I worked for the BBC and helped them and other near-public sector organisations make the move into the digital world, to industry acclaim. I have also worked at the other end of the scale, with SMEs: I was chair of social media business NixonMcInnes while it enjoyed rapid growth in a brand new market. I set up an innovative network for SME owners. And I have worked in and with several innovative digital startups, including my own. So I also understand the realities of small business life. I am currently interested in more 'responsive' strategy, and how to introduce this approach to modern, digitally-enabled businesses.

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