Past Speakers

There are no CFPs at QCon. Each speaker is individually invited. While the final schedule takes longer, we think it's worth the wait. These are just some of the speakers who've recently been apart of QCon.

Director of Software Development at LMAX
Founder of SafeStack
Creator of Domain Driven Design
Co-Inventor of Erlang
Java Champion
Microservice, Cloud, CI/CD Thoughtleader
Chief Storyteller at Narrate
Founder & CTO @Lightbend / Creator of Akka
CTO at ThoughtWorks
Java Language Architect @Oracle
Founder and CTO @YLD
Software Developer @8thLightInc and Co-Founder @MinedMinds
High Performance & Low Latency Specialist
Co-founder and Machine Learning Engineer @Ravelin
Director and Co-Founder of Adaptive Financial Consulting
Engineering Director @Facebook focused on Live, Videos, and Messenger
Scientist at BEKK Consulting
Staff Engineer @VMware
CEO @jClarity
Author of the blog
CTO of Platform at Groupon
Chief Architect @SkyBet
Head of Common Platform @ITV
Senior Consultant at Industrial Logic
‎Principal Group Engineering Manager @Microsoft
InfoQ Lead Editor for Functional Programming
Chief Evangelist, Ruxit
Full-stack Developer @Unruly
Author of Functional Programming in Scala
Chief Evangelist for Apache Cassandra @DataStax
Managing Partner, The Cobalt Advisors
Chief Scientist @containersoluti (Container Solutions)
CTO and CO-Founder @Aerospike
Engineering Director @BigDataExperts
CTO @Sportradar
PayPal Lead Data Architect, Risk and Compliance Management Platform
Performance consultant and trainer
Co-author of Java 8 in Action
‎Lead Engineer, RTI at Pivotal
Software Engineer, Author, & Samza and Avro Committer
Distributed Systems PhD Candidate @CambridgeComputerLab
Senior Technical Architect @BBC
BigData and Cloud Architect
Distributed Systems Engineer Working on Cache @Twitter
Reporting and Data Team Lead @Unruly
Developer @Docker
Full Stack Developer Serverless
IBM Distinguished Engineer
Developer Advocate at Google Cloud and PMC Chair for Apache Groovy
Agile coach, Mentor and Researcher
Senior Consultant @containersoluti (Container Solutions)
Senior Software Engineer @IBM, Committer on Apache Aries
Java Champion, Author of "Java in a Nutshell"
Software Engineer, Cloudera
Netty Core Developer & Cloud Infrastructure Engineering @Apple
Distinguished Engineer @IBMCloud
‎Sr Director of Engineering, Cloud Foundry @Pivotal
Senior Staff Development Lead @Criteo
Data Scientist & Co-Organiser of PyData London Meetup
Principal Site Reliability Engineer @Gremlin
Director of the Financial Times' Labs division
Senior Program Manager @Microsoft
Global Head of Sales at smartTrade Technologies
Lead iOS Developer @StarlingBank
Backend engineer @Drivetribe
Consultant Solicitor at Keystone Law
CTO of Erlang Solutions
‎Head of Product @GiantSwarm
‎Head of Engineering @Wix
President and Chief Master Architect @IDesign
Leads Notifications Team @Twitter
Committer and PMC member on the Apache Metron project
Engineering Manager @Uber - Marketplace Data & Forecasting
Co-Founder @Honeycombio, formerly DevOps @ParseIT/@Facebook
Software/Technical Advisor C4Media & QCon Chair, previous...
CTO @Avvo, former Spotify, Adobe, Microsoft
Director of Architecture, Guardian News and Media
Head of Software Architecture @Ocado
Founder of Weave, the docker network
CTO at Jamii Labs
Senior Performance Engineer @Improbableio
Leads the development of the Solarflare Open Onload IP stack
Builds data products. @LinkedIn data science alumnus and @Gephi co-...
Lead Engineer @Namecoin
Principal Engineer @NHSDigital
Engineer @Tesla
Lead Engineer @Atomist; Founder @ Russ Miles & Associates
Security Analyst @RiotGames
Lead Software Engineer at Gilt
Engineer @Redhat working on CRI-O Container Runtime
Founder and CTO of Empear
VP/CTO, Expedia Affiliate Network
Managing Director Basho EMEA
Technical Integration/Verification Leader for Volvo Truck Technology...
Engineer @Weaveworks and Maintainer of Go Kit
Deputy CTO @Azul
Senior Software Engineer
Lead Engineer @Deliveroo
Quantitative Software Developer @JuliaComputing
Crytocurrency Expert & Lead Maintainer Monero/Monero Core
Artificial Intelligence DevRel @NVIDIA
Manager, Insight Engineering at Netflix
Software Engineer @Buoyant
Product Development and Process Consultant, Enterprise Trainer, UX...
Developer Advocate @NetApp
Backend Engineer at SoundCloud
COO, CloudCredo
Product Manager at
CTO @Beamly
Founder & CSO @SignalSciences, Previously @Etsy
STSM, IBM Runtime Support, Monitoring and Diagnostics
CTO @Neurensic
Performance Consultant and OSS Contributor
Senior Software Engineer - Cloud Platform @Netflix
Group CTO @Superbet
Software Development Engineer @AWS Security
Director & Software Architect, ThoughtWorks
VP Engineering & Co-Founder @CitusData
Senior Engineering Manager @Deliveroo
Solutions Engineer @Jetstack
Sr. Staff Engineer @UberATG
Digital Transformation Director, HM Revenue & Customs, HMRC
Software Engineer @Sysdig
Co-author of "'Essential Slick", Author of "the...
Director, Education Services @Confluent
Data Science Manager @Uber
Principal Technologist for Cloud Foundry
CEO @containersoluti (Container Solutions)
Rust Core Team @Mozilla
Chief Architect @Coinbase
Software Engineer @Weaveworks
Father of XML - Uncle of Search Engines
Technology Director @Scott_Logic
Author of “Software Architecture for Developers”
Distributed Systems Engineer at Twitter
Head of Digital and Non-Digital Agile Transformation @...
Software Architect, Information Security Officer @‎Coursera
Software Engineer @Spotify
Director of Engineering @Bustle
Responsible for Data Quality @Uber Communications
Security Solutions Specialist @@riotgames
Head of Platforms, Product Integrations, Private Cloud and...
Fellow & Software Architect at Luminis Technologies
Engineering Manager @Moo
Partner at goAgile
VP Engineering @GlobalSign
Front-End Developer
Co-founder and developer advocate @Camunda
Led the performance effort for Java's G1 Garbage Collector
Leads E-commerce Development @SagePay


  • Don't $%@! Up the Culture

    Culture is simply a shared way of doing something with passion. How do you maintain the culture as you scale?

  • DevOps / DevEx Practices

    Remove developer friction: CI/CD, fluent API, service meshes... anything that removes the friction in deploying & operating a system.

  • AI/Machine Learning without a PhD

    AI/ML is more approachable than ever. Discover how deep learning and ML is being used in practice. Topics include: TensorFlow, TPUs, Keras, PyTorch, & more. No PhD required.

  • Surviving Uncertainty: GDPR, Brexit, or Politics? Beyond DR

    With so much uncertainty, how do you bulkhead your organization and technology choices? Learn strategies for dealing with uncertainty today.

  • Career Hacking

    Strategies for advancing the skills that advance your career. Look for mentoring, speaking, empathy, and career paths.

  • Advances in FinTech

    Finance is king in London. What's happening and what should you be paying attention to with modern #FinTech