Speaker: Sachin Kulkarni

Engineering Director @Facebook focused on Live, Videos, and Messenger
Sachin is the Director of Engineering for the infrastructure teams that build Facebook Live, Facebook Videos and Messenger. He ran the team that built the backend for Facebook Live from scratch in 3 months and scaled it to 1 billion daily active people. He oversaw the rearchitecture for the backend of Facebook videos to enable all aspects of uploads, broadcasting and delivery of all video content served through the Facebook app, Instagram as well as Messenger. Sachin's team built the infrastructure for Messenger which now supports 1 billion monthly active people and upwards of 15 billion messages per day. This backend is geographically distributed across the world to enable very low latency messaging. Before that, Sachin managed Wormhole, which is the Facebook equivalent of Apache Kafka. Wormhole is a real time data feed for *all* updates on Facebook and is used to power all ETL for Facebook. In the past, he was an engineer on Tao which is a social graph database that stores and caches all Facebook user data and is responsible for the complete Facebook user experience. If you like something on Facebook or upload a photo or comment, you have relied on Tao. Tao is responsible for billions of queries per second.

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Preliminary tracks

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