Speaker: Will Jones

VP of Engineering, @Habito

Will Jones is a polyglot software engineer and passionate teacher with over eight years' experience building applications, creating products and educating other developers and computer scientists. Since obtaining a first-class master's degree and subsequently a PhD in Computing from Imperial College, London, Will has participated in and overseen development projects ranging from greenfield efforts to large-scale refactorings of legacy systems.

A functional programmer at heart, with a penchant for statically enforcing correctness through principles such as strong typing and immutable data, Will's passions are deeply embedded in the technologies he is using in his current role as VP Engineering at Habito, such as Haskell, PureScript and event sourcing/CQRS; Alongside his substantial industrial standing, Will also maintains strong ties with his alma mater, giving lecture courses to first-year students on both introductory programming with Java and advanced functional programming with Haskell.

Find Will Jones at:

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