Past Presentations

Scaling Instagram Infrastructure

Instagram is a social network mobile app that allows people to share the world's moments as they happen. It serves 300 millions users on a daily basis throughout the world. In this talk, we will give an overview on the infrastructure that supports its users on this large scale. Topics will...

Lisa Guo Software Engineer @Instagram
Consensus: Why Can't We All Just Agree?

Reaching agreement is never easy and distributed systems are no exception to this rule. In this talk, we take a journey though the history, to the current reality and look ahead to the future for distributed consensus. We start over three decades ago, when the field of distributed consensus began...

Heidi Howard Distributed Systems PhD Candidate @CambridgeComputerLab
3 Common Pitfalls in Microservice Integration

Integrating microservices and taming distributed systems is hard. In this talk I will present three challenges we observed in real-life projects and discuss how to avoid them.1. Communication is complex. With everything being distributed failures are normal so you need sophisticated failure...

Bernd Ruecker Co-founder and chief technologist @Camunda
Monolith Decomposition Patterns

Patterns to help you incrementally migrate from a monolith to microservices. Big Bang rebuilds of systems are so 20th century. With our users expecting new functionality to be shipped more frequently than ever before, we no longer have the luxury of a complete system rebuild. In fact, a big bang...

Sam Newman Microservice, Cloud, CI/CD Expert
The Evolution of Distributed Systems on Kubernetes

Cloud native applications of the future will consist of hybrid workloads: stateful applications, batch jobs, stateless microservices, functions, (and maybe something else too) wrapped as Linux containers and deployed via Kubernetes on any cloud. Functions and the so-called serverless computing...

Bilgin Ibryam Product Manager and former Architect @RedHat
Distributed Systems Theory for Practical Engineers

Distributed Systems are a complex topic. There's abundant research about it but sometimes it is hard for a beginner to know where to start. I would like to outline the main concepts of distributed systems, so the interested person can have a clear path on how to start their own research as well....

Alvaro Videla Distributed Systems Engineer


Michael Maibaum Chief Architect @SkyBet

Pragmatic Resiliency: Super 6 & Sky Bet Evolution

What is your talk about?

You go to a lot of conferences and you hear people from Google or Netflix talking about reactive architectures or the Simian army or whatever, and it all feels quite unattainable for a lot of people. It's like this big complicated thing, there is not much like those systems. And Sky Bet has changed quite a lot over the last few years....

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David Buckhurst Engineering Manager @BBC

BBC iPlayer: Architecting for TV

What is your talk about?

For the last 10 years my life has been TV application development, and everyone asked me what is that? They assume it's all native development. But it's just JavaScript, they're just web sites. My talk is more about iPlayer, demystifying that, how we built the front-end, how we scale. It's our engineering journey as we've moved from 14...

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Colin Breck Sr. Staff Software Engineer @Tesla

What Lies Between: The Challenge of Operationalising Microservices

What is the work you’re doing today?

I build and operate software platforms for monitoring, aggregating, optimizing, and controlling renewable-energy assets, including energy production, battery storage, grid services, and electric-vehicle charging. These platforms leverage microservices and reactive-systems principles. I am most focused on mentoring and growing teams,...

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Blanca Garcia-Gil Principal Engineer on data platform @BBC

Beyond the Distributed Monolith: Rearchitecting the Big Data Platform

What are you doing now?

I am a Principal Systems Engineer at the BBC, and within the BBC I work in the area that deals with our personalizations in services. What this means is that when you sign up with an account with the BBC, then you enter all this personalization features and you can get show recommendations, you can follow shows, stay up to date by...

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Benjamin Stopford Author of “Designing Event Driven Systems” & Senior Director @confluentinc

Databases and Stream Processing: A Future of Consolidation

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you are doing today.

I work at Confluent, which is one of the companies that sits behind Apache Kafka. Originally I worked on Kafka Core where I worked on a number of features, including the latest version of the replication protocol. I did some work on throttling and a few other things too. These days I run what we call the Office of the CTO, which is a...

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Sherin Thomas Senior Software Engineer @Lyft

Machine Learning Through Streaming at Lyft

What is the work you are doing today?

I work for a ride sharing company called Lyft. Our mission is to improve people's lives through the world's best transportation. For the last two and a half years, I have been working on the streaming platform team. In the ride sharing world, it is imperative to build the most recent state of the world and take decisions based...

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