Past Presentations

Blockchain Introduction: Peering Through the Hype

Will answer the questions: what is a blockchain, why all the hype, what makes a blockchain secure, what can be built on top of blockchains, what are some real-world use-cases?

Elaine Ou Security Engineer @GlobalFinancialAccess & Co-Creator of Sand Hill Exchange
Case Study: Alternate Blockchains

It seems that everyone is creating their own blockchain. Is this justified, or should they be using Bitcoin? This talk will use Namecoin and Monero as case studies to see what advantages exist for using a different blockchain, what approaches exist for doing so (e.g. merge-mined sidechains), and...

Jeremy Rand Lead Engineer @Namecoin
Big Ideas: Decentralised Storage

Will cover: the need for distributed / decentralised storage, real life use-cases for distributed storage systems, dealing with data loss in a distributed system, brief overview of IPFS and Sia, building on top of distributed storage systems

David Vorick Sia Creator & @NebulousLabs Founder
Blockchain: The Oracle Problems

Will cover: why the oracle problem is so hard (specifically, this historical evolution of failures, from API, to clearnet website, to darknet website, to multisig escrow, to judicial "competition", to Ethereum/Augur, and why they fail), may also cover basics of blockchain ("blockchain as immortal...

Paul Sztorc @BitcoinHivemind Creator
Practical Blockchains: Building on Bitcoin

Talk will answer the questions: Why use Bitcoin over other blockchains What are safe, future proof ways to peg data to Bitcoin's blockchain What is Bitcoin script, and how can it be used?

Peter Todd Bitcoin Core Developer & @Coinkite Advisor


Elaine Ou Security Engineer @GlobalFinancialAccess & Co-Creator of Sand Hill Exchange

Blockchain Introduction: Peering Through the Hype

QCon: What are smart contracts?

We use smart contracts as computer executable code that performs the tasks and provisions that would be described in a real world legal contract. The intention is that it runs in an auditable place to ensure the integrity of this software contract.

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