Past Presentations

Deliver Docker Containers Continuously on AWS

With Docker it became easy to start applications locally without installing any dependencies. Even running a local cluster is not a big thing anymore. AWS on the other side offers with ECS a managed container service that starts to schedule containers based on resource needs, isolation policies,...

Philipp Garbe Lead Software Developer @AutoScout24
One repo to enable DevOps #monorepo

These days there is a clear trend to store your versioned files in a DVCS, a distributed version control system, which is typically Git. A DVCS is aimed at on one project, for example the sources of one library or one product. The Linux kernel, for which Git was originally designed, is almost the...

Sven Erik Knop Solutions Architect @ConfluentInc
Dev Ops @ Scale

Remember the times when one server was enough? And a guy named “sysadmin” was babysitting it along with his other duties of installing MS Office for everybody? For better or for worse, those times are long gone. Today, companies manage tens of thousands of servers and perform thousands of...

Baruch Sadogursky Developer Advocate @JFrog
You can't buy DevOps, but you may have to sell it

Creating a DevOps culture and implementing the technical bits like Continuous Delivery often require disruptive organizational change, and almost always require executive support. Weren’t all the same promises made by RUP, RAD, XP etc.? How do you sort through the vendor jargon? How can you...

Ken Mugrage Technical Evangelist @ThoughtWorks
DevOps, microservices, and stress-free incidents

Many organisations—especially engineering-led ones—are embracing microservices and DevOps as a mechanism for handing autonomy to developers across the life-cycle, from language, framework, and platform technology choices in the development phase to monitoring and management technologies when...

Pete Holditch Principal PreSales Engineer @AppDynamics
Testing Observability

The days of trying to build systems that always work are gone. Fast, frequent releases and self-healing platforms can reduce, or even remove the risk of production incidents. So what does this mean for software testing? In this talk, Amy will look back on a long test career, and a recent Platform...

Amy Phillips Engineering Manager @Moo

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