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Real-Time Data Analysis and ML for FraudPrevention

PayPal processes about a billion dollars of payment volume daily ($354bn in FY2016); complex decisions are made for each transaction or user action, to manage risk and compliance, while also ensuring good user experience. PayPal users can make payments immediately in 200 countries with the...

Mikhail Kourjanski PayPal Lead Data Architect, Risk and Compliance Management Platform
Habito: The Purely-Functional Mortgage Broker

The tech stack a business chooses impacts the company in many ways - who joins, what they build, what their values are and, ultimately, whether or not the enterprise succeeds. While in recent years functional programming has seen a resurgence, it remains a niche choice that to many highly...

Will Jones VP of Engineering, @Habito
Open Banking - Tales From the Frontier

As open banking becomes more accepted and demanded by the public, banks and other financial institutions all have to find ways of sharing customers' data in a consensual and secure manner, as well as allowing third parties to perform financial transactions on behalf of customers. Starling...

Anca Zaharia Software Engineer @StarlingBank
Jason Maude Lead Engineer @StarlingBank
Scaling for the Known Unknown

Monzo’s recent crowdfunding was run entirely through its app, using the very same platform that runs the bank! How were we so sure we could handle the flood of users wanting to invest, without impacting the experience of those depending on it for everyday banking? In the weeks before the...

Suhail Patel Backend Engineer @Monzo
Panel: Bleeding Edge at Hyperspeed With No Breaks and No Breaches

Today’s fintech speakers are working with new tech, niche tech and new techniques in a regulated industry which has traditionally been hostile to such things. Even if we believe the benefits, what about the risks? How can you be safe and secure when you release many times a day or when you live...

Greg Hawkins Former Chief Technology Officer @starlingbank
Jason Maude Lead Engineer @StarlingBank
Suhail Patel Backend Engineer @Monzo
Ana Calin Systems Engineer @paybase
Will Jones VP of Engineering, @Habito
Carolyne Quinn Associate Director @inside_r3 (R3)


Will Jones VP of Engineering, @Habito

Habito: The Purely-Functional Mortgage Broker

Tell me about the work you are doing.

Habito is changing the way mortgages work in the United Kingdom. It's quite a complicated process to work through. About 70% of the market is intermediated, so it's a good place to build a consumer-friendly brand and fix problems like not being able to understand what an appropriate mortgage looks like or how repayments work -- in...

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