Past Presentations

This Will Cut You: Go's Sharper Edges

An expression of function within a software ecosystem is inextricably bound to the lexicon used to express it. I explore how distinct, exploitable misuse patterns arise in software languages, and through example in Go – in particular a quietly prevalent and worryingly effective denial of...

Thomas Shadwell Security Engineer @Twitch
Why We Chose Erlang Over vs. Java, Scala, Go, C

Outlyer is a SaaS infrastructure monitoring tool. We process and store time-series data, which is currently at 100K points per second and growing. To do the grunt work of processing and storing the growing mass of data, we originally started out with Node.JS—quick to build and time-saving....

Colin Hemmings CTO and Co-founder @Outlyer
Scaling for the Known Unknown

Monzo’s recent crowdfunding was run entirely through its app, using the very same platform that runs the bank! How were we so sure we could handle the flood of users wanting to invest, without impacting the experience of those depending on it for everyday banking? In the weeks before the...

Suhail Patel Backend Engineer @Monzo
Tiny Go: Small Is Going Big

The Go programming language has already won the war for cloud computing and containerization. But what about the small places, like embedded systems and WebAssembly?TinyGo is a compiler for Go, written in Go itself, that uses LLVM to achieve very small, fast, and concurrent binaries that can...

Ron Evans Technologist For Hire @hybrid_group
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