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In-Memory Caching: Curb Tail Latency with Pelikan

In-memory caching in a distributed setting is widely used these days, and users usually expect it to be "fast and cheap". One important but often overlooked aspect of cache is tail latency– for many real-time applications, tail latency plays an outsized role in determining the overall...

Yao Yue Distributed Systems Engineer Working on Cache @Twitter
Performance Open Space

Coding for High Frequency Trading

Financial Services run arguably the most complex applications, with major institutions each running thousands of different applications. The most challenging and performance critical are the High Frequency Trading systems used in the Equities markets. This session will describe the application...

Richard Croucher VP of High Frequency Engineering @Barclays
Java at Scale

Java is on billions of devices but what does that really mean? How far can you take Java? Whats the smallest device you can run it on and what’s the largest? What about cloud or clusters or containers or even new types of hardware? In this talk learn more about how Java and the JVM cope with...

Steve Poole Developer Advocate @IBM
How Performance Optimizations Shatter Security Boundaries

With the customers demand of high-performance computing, CPU manufacturers deploy more and more sophisticated optimizations in their processors to increase the performance as much as possible. However, these performance optimizations often come with the downside of enabling side-channel attacks...

Moritz Lipp Researcher in Information Security at Graz University of Technology
Continuous Performance Testing

In our world of continuous delivery with repeatable builds and automated deployments, performance testing is often bolted on as an afterthought. This can be an acceptable strategy until your application becomes popular, after which customers can start complaining about application response. As...

Mark Price Performance Engineering Specialist at Aitu Software


Andres Almiray Java/Groovy Developer and Java Champion Ix-chel Ruiz Groovy Enthusiast, Teacher of Computer Science

Performance Testing in Java

What’s the motivation for the talk?

The talk is structured like a conversation between two senior engineers, to discuss performance issues and to showcase that you don’t necessarily need to have a lot of information in your head in order to start performance testing, and get the results.

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Moritz Lipp Researcher in Information Security at Graz University of Technology

How Performance Optimizations Shatter Security Boundaries

What is the focus of your work today?

The work of our Secure Systems group at Graz University of Technology focuses on the secure and efficient implementation of (cryptographic) algorithms, security architectures as well as side-channel and fault attacks. Personally, my main focus is on microarchitectural side-channel attacks on personal computers and mobile devices. We...

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