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Optimizing For Production Workloads

Breaking down the containers runtimes into their base functionality and then building them up into a series or core libraries and tools to specialize in core capabilities. Our goal is, rather then have one monolithic daemon to do all container management, to build up a series of tools that...

Daniel Walsh Engineer @Redhat working on CRI-O Container Runtime
Samuel Ortiz Principal Engineer @Intel Open Source Technology Center
XDP in Practice: DDoS Mitigation @Cloudflare

XDP is a Linux technology which brings fast networking to native Linux. Historically Linux required specialized patches to reduce the overhead of network packet processing. XDP fixes that: it allows packet filtering, modification and retransmission with arbitrary user logic. The logic for an...

Gilberto Bertin System Engineer @Cloudflare London
Making the Windows Command-Line Great Again!

The command-line is an essential tool for many developers and administrators, on any machine and any operating system. Attend this session to learn how Microsoft has been overhauling the Windows command-line experience in Windows 10, making it easier than ever to run Windows tools alongside Linux...

Rich Turner Senior Program Manager @Microsoft
Tara Raj Program Manager @Microsoft
Continuous Delivery The Hard Way With Kubernetes

Devops best practice says you should version control the configuration of your deployment. But you want to automate the delivery of new versions of your software through a CI/CD pipeline. In this talk we'll assemble a CI/CD pipeline from scratch to Kubernetes using GitLab CE as an example....

Luke Marsden Developer Experience @Weaveworks
The Modern Operating System in 2018

The last monolith is the operating system. There are tens or hundreds of millions of lines of code in the kernel, and orders of magnitude more in the userspace code that gets shipped with it. Not just any code, security critical code written in unsafe languages. Every other area of software has...

Justin Cormack Developer @Docker


Gilberto Bertin System Engineer @Cloudflare London

XDP in Practice: DDoS Mitigation @Cloudflare

What's the main focus of the work that you do today?

I'm currently working in the DDoS mitigation team at Cloudflare London, where I spend my time daily on a few different areas. There are in fact many different tasks to keep the DDoS mitigation pipeline up. Every time we see something new we jump on that and take a look to try to understand what's going on. I also spend some time...

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