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Blockchain Introduction: Peering Through the Hype

Will answer the questions: what is a blockchain, why all the hype, what makes a blockchain secure, what can be built on top of blockchains, what are some real-world use-cases?

Elaine Ou Security Engineer @GlobalFinancialAccess & Co-Creator of Sand Hill Exchange
Performance Testing in Java

Writing software is regarded by many developers as a craft or an art. However when it comes to performance tuning and/or testing many believe it to be more of a dark art. Nothing farther from the truth. We can gain a lot by applying a concrete methodology and similar reasoning techniques we...

Andres Almiray Java/Groovy Developer and Java Champion
Ix-chel Ruiz Groovy Enthusiast, Teacher of Computer Science
Observability, Event Sourcing and State Machines

What is a way to have complete transparency of the state of a service? Ideally we would record everything - the inputs, outputs and timings - in order to capture highly reproducible and transparent state changes. However, is it possible to record every event or message in and out of a service...

Peter Lawrey CEO @Chronicle_SW
Cluster Consensus: When Aeron Met Raft

Consensus protocols enable distributed systems to agree a common view of shared state. This common view allows a cluster to continue service while a majority of its members are available. Raft was designed to be understandable. Raft succeeded in this goal and became popular. Aeron was designed...

Martin Thompson High Performance & Low Latency Specialist
Habito: The Purely-Functional Mortgage Broker

The tech stack a business chooses impacts the company in many ways - who joins, what they build, what their values are and, ultimately, whether or not the enterprise succeeds. While in recent years functional programming has seen a resurgence, it remains a niche choice that to many highly...

Will Jones VP of Engineering, @Habito
Hello Quantum Developers World - Yet Another Frontier for JavaScript

In this talk, participants will come to know the underlying principles of Quantum Computing and how it differs from Classical Computing, how and why it is evolving so fast and how to take it from the hands of researchers and put it in the hands of developers thus making way for the so-promised...

Miguel Ramalho MSc Student @UPorto (University of Porto)


Slava Oks Core Developer Behind Porting SQL Server to Linux @Microsoft

SQL Server On Linux: Will It Perform Or Not?

What have you been working on recently?

Two years ago there was a business decision to put SQL Server on Linux; so, as the engineering team, we have to figure out the “How” part. The task is technically challenging: tens of millions of lines of code that continues growing on a monthly basis, with over 500 developers working on it. The Drawbridge project, which I became...

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Yaroslav Tkachenko Sr Software Engineer @Demonware building Activision's Call of Duty

Actors or Not: Async Event Architectures

What is the focus of your work today? 

I work on a large-scale data pipeline at Activision. We consume various telemetry information from Call of Duty games. Currently I'm mostly focused on ingestion and stream processing.  Actually, stream processing is a pretty big area of interest for me recently and I'm trying to learn and absorb as much available information as...

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Matthew Cornford Technology Lead and Evangelist  @OcadoTechnology

Orchestrating Robot Swarms with Java

Tell us a bit about the work that you do.

I've been in the software industry for just over 10 years now, working primarily as a software developer and team lead. I have worked mostly in Java across several industries, telecommunications, finance, investment, banking, pensions, and now in automation. I've seen lots of different business, and all the software problems tend to be...

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Dmitry Vyazelenko Founder at Safepoint Ost

Performance vs. New Features: It Doesn’t Have to Be a Zero-Sum Game

What is the work you're doing today?

I'm running my own company and currently working on Aeron, which is a super-fast reliable UDP unicast, UDP multicast and IPC message transport. In the talk, I'm going to tell the story about adding the CRC feature to the Aeron Archive.

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Holly Cummins Senior Software Engineer @IBM, Committer on Apache Aries

Thinking Strategically About IoT

What’s the main focus of the work you are doing today?

The IBM Bluemix Garage combines design thinking with a platform as a service and extreme programming into a whole, to allow us to solve business problems in a more lean way than is traditional. Being able to create a minimum viable product initially allows us to get something out in front of the customer to allow them to experiment and...

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Chris Biscardi Product Engineer @Honeycomb

Parallelizing Product Development with GraphQL

What are you doing these days? 

I work at Honeycomb, improving people's access to observervability. I work on product and anything related to the product. I'll go visit customers and help them do integrations, or I will change the UI or change the way that we're doing the data fetching. Things like that.

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