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Member of ACM Committee on Professional Ethics and One of the Primary Contributors to the ACM Code of Ethics Catherine Flick

Why Should We Care About Technology Ethics?

Astrodynamicist and Principal Systems Engineer @NASA and USAF aerospace industry leader a.i. solutions Diane Davis

Otherworldly Java: Gateway to the Moon and Beyond

Co-founder and developer advocate @Camunda Bernd Ruecker

Complex Event Flows in Distributed Systems

Managing Consultant @Atomic Inc. Avi Deitcher


COO and Co-founder @nubego Cloud Consulting Emma Button

Who Broke Prod? - Growing Teams Who Can Fail Without Fear

Top Performance-Minded Java Engineer & cofounder of Richard Warburton

Continuous Profiling in Production: What, Why and How

Crystal Hirschorn is Director of Engineering and Cloud Platforms @CondeNast Crystal Hirschorn

How Condé Nast Succeeds by a Culture That Embraces Failure

Working on TruffleRuby and Project Loom with Graal Duncan MacGregor

Graal: Not Just a New JIT for the JVM

Technology Lead and Evangelist  @OcadoTechnology Matthew Cornford

Orchestrating Robot Swarms with Java

Machine Learning blogger and entrepreneur, Self-Driving Car Engineer Scholar @nvidia Jessica Yung

Understanding Deep Learning


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