Past Presentations

The Apollo Mindset: Making Mission Impossible, Possible

Fifty years ago, humanity reached for the stars and achieved the seemingly impossible. Richard Wiseman, author of Shoot for the Moon, interviewed many of the surviving Apollo controllers about the mindset behind their stunning achievement. Wiseman will share the Apollo story from the perspective...

Richard Wiseman Author of the Luck Factor, previously Consultant for National Geographic Channel’s Brain Games, History’s Your Bleeped Up Brain, & Discovery’s MythBusters.
Tough Call: Handling “Difficult” Remote Conversations Like A Pro

All leaders have to have difficult conversations, with individuals and with groups.  Whether you’re supporting a team to have “robust discussions” to collaborate on a high-stakes problem; resolving disruptive personality clashes; or telling someone they aren’t getting...

Judy Rees Remote Collaboration Consultant
Technical Leadership Through the Underground Railroad

Technical leaders are often tasked with guiding teams through difficult times. The Underground Railroad provides insights into how to navigate challenging conditions and find success. The principles that Conductors on the Underground Railroad followed can be directly applied to technical leadership.

Anjuan Simmons Engineering Coach @helpscout
The Art and Science of Interview Engineering

Interviews are the gateway between each of us and our next job. Yet, interviewing has never been recognized as its own discipline -- and many organizations are unable to conduct the number of interviews they need with the quality and consistency required to reach hiring targets.So, what if...

Lusen Mendel Director of Developer Relations @karat

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