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Engineering Culture Revived

Waves of technology innovations are sweeping through all industries now, and software development teams are finding themselves on the receiving end of exponential demands: cloud, big data, machine learning, voice- activated, IoT, yada yada! For many organisations, the fear of being left behind...

Finbarr Joy Senior Technology Adviser @Superbet
Orchestrating Robot Swarms with Java

Delivering a profitable online grocery sales operation has, until now, been an almost unsolvable challenge. With huge product ranges, diverse shelf lives and temperature requirements, coupled with customer demands for accuracy and reliable delivery slots, grocery far surpasses the complexity of...

Matthew Cornford Technology Lead and Evangelist  @OcadoTechnology
Evolution of Financial Exchange Architectures

The Disruptor was announced 10 years ago. A concurrent library for the Java programming language which provided a low-latency, high-throughput means to do asynchronous event processing as a central component to the LMAX's architecture.In the 10 years since Disruptor, Financial Exchange...

Martin Thompson High Performance & Low Latency Specialist
Building and Growing Sustainable Teams

Globalsign is one of the organisations at the heart of the internet identity / security maelstrom- tackling cloud, IoT and the provision of millions of digital identities; As such they’ve had to move quickly in establishing their next generation platform, coordinating engineering efforts across...

Vlad Galu VP Engineering @GlobalSign
H2O's Driverless AI: An AI that creates AI

Through my kaggle journey to the top spot, I have noticed that many of the things I do as a data scientist can be automated. In fact automation is critical to achieve good scores and promote accountability, ensuring that common pitfalls in the modelling process are prevented. Through...

Marios Michailidis Competitive Data Scientist @h2oai
Tough Call: Handling “Difficult” Remote Conversations Like A Pro

All leaders have to have difficult conversations, with individuals and with groups.  Whether you’re supporting a team to have “robust discussions” to collaborate on a high-stakes problem; resolving disruptive personality clashes; or telling someone they aren’t getting...

Judy Rees Remote Collaboration Consultant


Blanca Garcia-Gil Principal Engineer on data platform @BBC

Beyond the Distributed Monolith: Rearchitecting the Big Data Platform

What are you doing now?

I am a Principal Systems Engineer at the BBC, and within the BBC I work in the area that deals with our personalizations in services. What this means is that when you sign up with an account with the BBC, then you enter all this personalization features and you can get show recommendations, you can follow shows, stay up to date by...

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Benjamin Stopford Author of “Designing Event Driven Systems” & Senior Director @confluentinc

Databases and Stream Processing: A Future of Consolidation

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you are doing today.

I work at Confluent, which is one of the companies that sits behind Apache Kafka. Originally I worked on Kafka Core where I worked on a number of features, including the latest version of the replication protocol. I did some work on throttling and a few other things too. These days I run what we call the Office of the CTO, which is a...

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Herman Schaaf Senior Software Engineer @Skyscanner

From Batch to Streaming to Both

What is the work you're doing today?

I am a Principal Software Engineer at Skyscanner working on the data platform. This is the central data platform that powers all the Skyscanners' events, metrics and logs. My primary role there is making sure that the 2 million or so events we receive every second arrives safely and securely in long term storage, which is in S3,...

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Maryam Umar Head Of Quality @thoughtmachine

Leading a Journey to Better Quality

What is the focus of your work these days?

I work as Head of Quality at Thought Machine, and my focus has been one to enable teams to bake quality in the entire process, but not only engineering, it's also focused on how we work with clients, how we create processes, are we creating the right processes and so on. I work on measuring a lot of metrics as part of this....

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Luca Mezzalira VP of Architecture @DAZN

Lessons From DAZN: Scaling Your Project with Micro-Frontends

What work are you doing today?

I'm VP of Architecture at a company called DAZN. It's similar to Netflix but for live sports mainly and video-on-demand. It's a platform dedicated to sports. We are available in nine countries and we have a ton of devices that we are targeting between consoles, TVs, set top boxes, web browsers and mobile. I had the...

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Victoria Puscas Engineering Manager - Pricing / Logistics Algorithms @Deliveroo

The Good the Bad the Ugly: Making Teams Perform Better

What is the focus of your work these days?

I am an Engineering Manager at Deliveroo. I joined the company about 3 years ago as a software engineer and changed roles 2.5 years ago. I look after Logistics Algorithms and Rider Pricing teams at the same time.

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