Microservices are really beneficial if they're aligned with your business stream of value. When you're considering moving to microservices, make sure they're actually addressing the problems that you're having. Take a look at these presentations so you can assess what is the best move for you or your company.

Past Presentations

Microservices At The Heart of BBC iPlayer

The BBC iPlayer API used to be a monolithic Java application. Two years ago we switched to Node.js microservices and we have been iterating on it ever since. We have learnt many things along the way including how to keep distributed systems decoupled, how to monitor the health of our services in...

Cem Staveley Software Engineer @BBC iPlayer
Restoring Confidence in Microservices: Tracing That's More Than Traces

For software development at scale, confidence is everything. A few years back, we lost confidence in our velocity, so we moved to microservices to allow our teams to deploy without talking to each other. It worked! Too well. And now we are faced with an even graver crisis of confidence: nobody...

Ben Sigelman Co-Founder @LightStepHQ & Co-Creator Dapper & @OpenTracing API Standard
Microservices & Scaling of Rational Interactions

MB will present a new twist on his reactive summit talk about the scaling of microservices in computer and human interaction. As we scale services by across inputs and outputs, at every stage, we are challenged to rethink our calibrations of true and false. This has important implications for...

Mark Burgess CFEngine Creator & Software Engineer Focused on Distributed Information Infrastructure
Microservices Lessons Learned From a Startup

When we started our - still ongoing - journey from monolith to microservices we had the idea of a straightforward transformation process in mind. But microservices are complex and the process is not straightforward at all - it's a path with failure and detours along the way. In this talk I would...

Susanne Kaiser Independent Tech Consultant
Monolith Decomposition Patterns

Patterns to help you incrementally migrate from a monolith to microservices. Big Bang rebuilds of systems are so 20th century. With our users expecting new functionality to be shipped more frequently than ever before, we no longer have the luxury of a complete system rebuild. In fact, a big bang...

Sam Newman Microservice, Cloud, CI/CD Expert


Jonas Bonér Founder & CTO @Lightbend / Creator of Akka

From Microliths To Microsystems

QCon: Your original title had Microdisservices before you changed it to the current one. What did you mean by Microdisservices?

You will get Microdisservices when you approach microservices in a too simplistic way. When you do not go all in building systems with Microservices, bringing over too much preconceptions, patterns, tools and ways of thinking, learned from years building monoliths. It’s a good way to shoot yourself in the foot and get all the...

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Sarah Aerni Director, Data Science @Salesforce Einstein

Models in Minutes not Months: AI as Microservices

I cannot go to any Data Conference and not hear about the Einstein Platform. Why?

Salesforce is democratizing AI with Einstein. Any company and any business user should be able to use AI, regardless of size.

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Colin Breck Sr. Staff Software Engineer @Tesla

What Lies Between: The Challenge of Operationalising Microservices

What is the work you’re doing today?

I build and operate software platforms for monitoring, aggregating, optimizing, and controlling renewable-energy assets, including energy production, battery storage, grid services, and electric-vehicle charging. These platforms leverage microservices and reactive-systems principles. I am most focused on mentoring and growing teams,...

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