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Modern Mobile Development: Native vs Cross-Platform

A question every mobile app project has to ponder is: do we want to go native, or do we want to use a cross-platform framework? And if we go the cross-platform route, which framework better suits our needs?The choice is never easy, and requires a holistic understanding of the project’s...

Sebastiano Poggi Team Lead @jetbrains

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The Future of Cloud Native API Gateways

The introduction of microservices, Kubernetes, and cloud technology has provided many benefits for developers. However, the age-old problem of getting user traffic routed correctly to the API of your backend applications can still be an issue, and may be complicated with the adoption of cloud...

Richard Li Founder and CEO @datawireio


Richard Li Founder and CEO @datawireio

The Future of Cloud Native API Gateways

What's the work you're doing today?

I'm focused on helping organizations understand the evolution of the software development lifecycle or the dev loop as they move to the cloud and Kubernetes. We’ve found that there are a tremendous amount of changes in this journey, especially around how you think about exposing your services at the edge with API gateways.

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