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Why aren't operating systems more like applications?We live in an era of application microservices, even nanoservices. Each application serves precisely its purpose, living for exactly how long it needs. When we need it to do something else, we either create a distinct service, or rebuild...

Avi Deitcher Managing Consultant @Atomic Inc.
A Journey Into Intel’s SGX

This talk will give a deep dive into Intels SGX technology by way of a story. First, it will cover an overview of computer architecture as background. Following that, will be a walk through of one version of the hardware and it’s flaws, what changed in the next version... and it’s continued...

Jessie Frazelle Engineer @github, Xoogler, Ex-Docker Core Maintainer
Unikernels Aren’t Dead, They’re Just Not Containers

For years we’ve been observing the Unikernel concept gather and then lose steam. Unikernels where put forward as the next evolutionary step beyond containers. However, unikernels are fundamentally different beasts and they really have very little in common with containers. I’ll try to look...

Per Buer CEO @IncludeOS
The Future of Operating Systems on RISC-V

RISC-V is a free and open instruction set architecture that is seeing frenzied development activity. It also represents a new development model for the hardware industry, enabling cross-industry collaboration on a common standard and spawning a range of open source implementations. This ability...

Alex Bradbury Co-Founder and Director @lowRISC, LLVM hacker
Panel: Secure Isolation of Applications

Applications have been isolated by lots of different means: processes, virtual machines, containers, and new methods are appearing such as SGX and in-process isolates. What is secure? Have Spectre and Meltdown changed the landscape? What should we use? Ask our expert panel.

Justin Cormack Developer @Docker
Jessie Frazelle Engineer @github, Xoogler, Ex-Docker Core Maintainer
Per Buer CEO @IncludeOS
Allison Randall Director at Eigenstate
Kenton Varda Tech lead @Cloudflare Workers
Understanding CPU Microarchitecture to Increase Performance

Microprocessors have evolved over decades to eke out performance from existing code. But the microarchitecture of the CPU leaks into the assumptions of a flat memory model, with the result that equivalent code can run significantly faster by working with, rather than fighting against, the...

Alex Blewitt Head of Cloud Infrastructure at Santander


Slava Oks Core Developer Behind Porting SQL Server to Linux @Microsoft

SQL Server On Linux: Will It Perform Or Not?

What have you been working on recently?

Two years ago there was a business decision to put SQL Server on Linux; so, as the engineering team, we have to figure out the “How” part. The task is technically challenging: tens of millions of lines of code that continues growing on a monthly basis, with over 500 developers working on it. The Drawbridge project, which I became...

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Gilberto Bertin System Engineer @Cloudflare London

XDP in Practice: DDoS Mitigation @Cloudflare

What's the main focus of the work that you do today?

I'm currently working in the DDoS mitigation team at Cloudflare London, where I spend my time daily on a few different areas. There are in fact many different tasks to keep the DDoS mitigation pipeline up. Every time we see something new we jump on that and take a look to try to understand what's going on. I also spend some time...

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Avi Deitcher Managing Consultant @Atomic Inc.


What's the focus of your work today?

I'm playing in a few different areas all related around technology and operations. My focus tends to be where do changes in technology or engineering lead to fundamental changes in how individuals and companies operate. Sometimes it's a little bit more about the tech, sometimes it's a little more about operations and organization, but...

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