Past Presentations

Building Great Engineering Cultures Panel

This panel session will create a unique opportunity to hear from some of the foremost practitioners of Engineering leadership. The group will discuss topics relating to the challenges of engineering culture development, but also take questions from the floor to provide guidance to those who are...

Andrew Walker Founder at Kraken Industries
Vlad Galu VP Engineering @GlobalSign
Finbarr Joy Senior Technology Adviser @Superbet
Sally Goble Senior Engineering Manager @Deliveroo
Tom Clark Head of Common Platform @ITV
Amanda Bellwood People Operations Manager @skybet
Panel: Future of Languages

In this panel, we will talk to these programming languages experts and try to find the places where we could probably past each other to try to find common ground.

Andrea Magnorsky Functional Languages Programmer
Noel Welsh Founding partner @underscoreio
Ashley Williams Core Rust Team @RustLang
Stephen Klabnik Rust Core Team
Ron Pressler Technical Lead for Project Loom @oracle
Panel: Java Is Still Free?

Java 11 (LTS) changes the timeline for what $free and free (as in use) Java that the industry is used to. There are $free and free (as in use) ways you can get OpenJDK/Java from Oracle and also production ready OpenJDK builds by other OpenJDK/Java providers such as AdoptOpenjDK, Amazon, Azul,...

Martijn Verburg Principal Engineering Group Manager (Java) @Microsoft. ex CEO at jClarity (acquired by MSFT) & CxO / start-up mentor
Stephen Hellberg Runtime Support/Change Team Architect (Java, Node.js, Apache Spark) at @IBM
Simon Ritter Deputy CTO @Azul
Donald Smith Senior Director of Product Management @Oracle
Andrew Haley Java Platform Lead Engineer @RedHat
Panel: Bleeding Edge at Hyperspeed With No Breaks and No Breaches

Today’s fintech speakers are working with new tech, niche tech and new techniques in a regulated industry which has traditionally been hostile to such things. Even if we believe the benefits, what about the risks? How can you be safe and secure when you release many times a day or when you live...

Greg Hawkins Former Chief Technology Officer @starlingbank
Jason Maude Lead Engineer @StarlingBank
Suhail Patel Backend Engineer @Monzo
Ana Calin Systems Engineer @paybase
Will Jones VP of Engineering, @Habito
Carolyne Quinn Associate Director @inside_r3 (R3)
Panel: Non Traditional Moves Into Tech: A Blessing and a Curse?

This panel will share their varied non conventional routes into tech and along the way will discuss the pros and cons of choosing to move into a role in tech - what the benefits and pitfalls are for both them and employers.

Robert Rees Head of development @wegotpop
Charlotte Fereday Software Engineer @thoughtworks
Misa Ogura Software Engineer @BBCRD
Anne Byrne Payments Risk Team @Deliveroo
Stephan Fowler Senior Product manager @guardian
Panel: What's Next for Our Programming Languages?

Types, testability, tooling, paradigms, productivity, managed, native, concurrency, parallelism, performance, asynchrony, integrations, memory management, security, resilience, or, maybe, simple readability? What are the important things crossing the minds of language designers today as they...

Brian Goetz Java Language Architect @Oracle
Joe Duffy Pulumi Co-founder & CEO, Previously @Microsoft Director of Engineering for Languages/Compilers
Martin Thompson High Performance & Low Latency Specialist
Sylvan Clebsch CTO @Causality
Richard Feldman Elm Pioneer & Software Engineer @noredink
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