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Spring Framework 5 - Preview & Roadmap

The Spring team is busily working on Spring Framework 5.0, with a release candidate scheduled for Q4 2016. This presentation covers the key themes in Spring 5, based on the current state of development: going Java 8+ across the entire framework codebase, comprehensive support for JDK 9, a strong...

Juergen Hoeller Co-founder and project lead of the Spring Framework
Avoiding Alerts Overload From Microservices

Microservices can be a great way to work: the services are simple, you can use the right technology for the job, and deployments become smaller and less risky. Unfortunately, other things become more complex. You probably took some time to design a deployment pipeline and set up self-service...

Sarah Wells Technical Director for Operations and Reliability @FT (Financial Times)
From Microliths To Microsystems

Everyone is talking about microservices, and there is more confusion than ever about what the promise of microservices really means and how to deliver on it. To address this we will explore microservices from first principles, distilling their essence and putting them in their true context:...

Jonas Bonér Founder & CTO @Lightbend / Creator of Akka
Real World Java 9

The feature we always hear about whenever Java 9 is in the news is Jigsaw (or modularity). But this doesn't scratch the same developer itch that Java 8's lambdas and streams did, and we're left with a vague sensation that the next version might not be that interesting. Java 9 actually has a lot...

Trisha Gee Java Champion, Engineer and Evangelist
Actors or Not: Async Event Architectures

With more and more companies adopting microservices and service-oriented architectures, it becomes clear that the HTTP/RPC synchronous communication (while great) is not always the best option for every use case. In this presentation, I discuss two approaches to an asynchronous event-based...

Yaroslav Tkachenko Sr Software Engineer @Demonware building Activision's Call of Duty
Reactive Systems Architecture

Reactive systems architecture promises resilience and scalability, but building and maintaining a globally distributed system introduces considerable challenges. Jan and Matt will share the most important building aspects of systems that spread over multiple data centres as well as multiple AWS...

Jan Machacek Senior Principal Engineer @waltdisneyco & Founder @muvrhq
Matthew Squire Technical Team Leader @BamtechMedia


Jonas Bonér Founder & CTO @Lightbend / Creator of Akka

From Microliths To Microsystems

QCon: Your original title had Microdisservices before you changed it to the current one. What did you mean by Microdisservices?

You will get Microdisservices when you approach microservices in a too simplistic way. When you do not go all in building systems with Microservices, bringing over too much preconceptions, patterns, tools and ways of thinking, learned from years building monoliths. It’s a good way to shoot yourself in the foot and get all the...

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Yaroslav Tkachenko Sr Software Engineer @Demonware building Activision's Call of Duty

Actors or Not: Async Event Architectures

What is the focus of your work today? 

I work on a large-scale data pipeline at Activision. We consume various telemetry information from Call of Duty games. Currently I'm mostly focused on ingestion and stream processing.  Actually, stream processing is a pretty big area of interest for me recently and I'm trying to learn and absorb as much available information as...

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