Securing Java Applications in the Age of Log4Shell

On December 10th 2021, a new critical vulnerability, Log4Shell, was publicly disclosed and make global headlines. It impacted a wide number of applications on the internet, allowing attackers to remotely execute code within vulnerable applications worldwide.In this session, we'll briefly...

Simon Maple Field CTO @snyksec
The Kubernetes Expert Panel

Kubernetes helps us better manage the complexities of operating microservices. It helps provide sets of abstractions for deploying and running our services. However, these benefits don’t always come easy. In the Kubernetes Expert Panel, we bring together several Kubernetes knowledge leaders...

Matt Turner Site Reliability Engineer @MarshallWace
Liz Rice Chief Open Source Officer @Isovalent
Phil Estes Principal Engineer @AWS, Containerd Maintainer, & Technical Oversight Board of OCI
Daniel Mangum Software Engineer @Upbound & Crossplane Maintainer
Securing Microservices: Preventing Vulnerability Traversal

One of the advantages of microservices architecture is that teams can develop, maintain, and deploy each microservice independently. With single-responsibility, services can be scaled separately as required and doing so with a DevOps mentality substantially improves agility. How do we secure...

Stefania Chaplin Solutions Architect @GitLab

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