Past Presentations

Monitoring Serverless Architectures

Serverless architectures are attracting more and more interest from the IT professionals and companies hoping to lower the costs of creating and operating distributed systems without constant worrying about availability, scalability and capacity management. Despite all the attractive properties...

Rafal Gancarz Lead Consultant @OpenCredo
Adventures in JavaScript and the IoT

From installations to promote superstar DJs on trains speeding across Europe to sitting in Motorway LED billboards debugging wi-fi cards when the temperature drops below zero, our experience building for the IoT has highlighted just how unpredictable failure can be. This talk is a warts and all...

James Hall Founder/Director @Parallax
The Hitchhiker's Guide to Serverless Javascript

Tools like AWS’s Lambda, Google's Cloud Functions, and many others are allowing us to create “serverless” applications. At Bustle (a top 30 website in the US) we are taking full advantage of this new infrastructure. APIs, databases, searching, indexing, server side rendered javascript, are...

Steve Faulkner Director of Engineering @Bustle
The Present and Future of Serverless Observability

As engineers, we're empowered by advancements in cloud platforms to build ever more complex systems that can achieve amazing feats at a scale previously only possible for the elite few. The monitoring tools have evolved over the years to accommodate our growing needs with these increasingly...

Yan Cui Senior Developer at Space Ape Games
Serverless and Java in the Real World

The siren song of Serverless lures developers in with promises of “only write business logic” and “deliver value quickly”, but it’s often unclear how to actually work on large-scale, real world Serverless applications, especially in an old-school language like Java. Concerns like...

Johnathan Chapin Cloud Technology Consultant with an expertise in Serverless Computing
Serverless Spring

This live coding session will introduce Spring Cloud Function, from the basic programming model all the way to multicloud deployments. Along the way, we'll explore the current state of Java across Function-as-a-Service providers and demonstrate what role Spring can play in the Serverless...

Dave Syer Senior Consulting Engineer @Pivotal


Yan Cui Senior Developer at Space Ape Games

The Present and Future of Serverless Observability

What is the focus of your work today?

At the moment, I’m building the backend services for a real-time multiplayer game on mobile, including an inhouse networking stack that will be deployed globally and supports both TCP and reliable UDP. We’re still doing a lot of tuning, and would put an early alpha build in front of users for external validation on our networking...

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Peter Elger Co-Founder & CEO @fourtheorem

The Fast Track to AI with Javascript and Serverless

What is the work that you are doing today?

A lot of our work involves three threads. We're very active in serverless. And a lot of that is actually looking at legacy world challenged platforms and helping transform them into systems that can run in a serverless way. There's a lot of organizations that have realized that the economic operating model for cloud and...

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