Past Presentations

Fast, Flexible and Functional Programming With OCaml

OCaml is a fast, natively compiled programming language with imperative, object-oriented and functional features. It is over two decades old now, and is often used in niche but safety-critical areas such as formal verification (in Coq, Compcert). In recent years however, it has emerged as a...

Anil Madhavapeddy University Lecturer @Cambridge_CL (Cambridge Computer Laboratory)
Gemma Gordon Operations Director at OCaml Labs, University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory
The Modern Operating System in 2018

The last monolith is the operating system. There are tens or hundreds of millions of lines of code in the kernel, and orders of magnitude more in the userspace code that gets shipped with it. Not just any code, security critical code written in unsafe languages. Every other area of software has...

Justin Cormack Developer @Docker
Unikernels Aren’t Dead, They’re Just Not Containers

For years we’ve been observing the Unikernel concept gather and then lose steam. Unikernels where put forward as the next evolutionary step beyond containers. However, unikernels are fundamentally different beasts and they really have very little in common with containers. I’ll try to look...

Per Buer CEO @IncludeOS

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