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Adventures in JavaScript and the IoT

From installations to promote superstar DJs on trains speeding across Europe to sitting in Motorway LED billboards debugging wi-fi cards when the temperature drops below zero, our experience building for the IoT has highlighted just how unpredictable failure can be. This talk is a warts and all...

James Hall Founder/Director @Parallax
Designing a Real-Time Global Sportsbook (From Scratch!)

Have you ever found yourself working on an established product and secretly wishing you could start it all again from scratch? Given the chance to pick from modern languages, platforms and technologies, how would you design your dream architecture?    12 months ago we were given this...

Ian Thomas Senior Principal Engineer @thestarsgroup
The Hitchhiker's Guide to Serverless Javascript

Tools like AWS’s Lambda, Google's Cloud Functions, and many others are allowing us to create “serverless” applications. At Bustle (a top 30 website in the US) we are taking full advantage of this new infrastructure. APIs, databases, searching, indexing, server side rendered javascript, are...

Steve Faulkner Director of Engineering @Bustle
The Fast Track to AI with Javascript and Serverless

Most people associate AI and Machine Learning with the Python language. This talk will explore how to get started building AI enabled platforms and services using full stack Javascript and Serverless technologies. With practical examples drawn from real world projects the talk will get you up and...

Peter Elger Co-Founder & CEO @fourtheorem
Rebuilding The Monolith With Composable Apps

Working with JavaScript is exciting. There's constant change - in the language, the runtimes and the community. The last 24 months have seen the rise and fall of frameworks, libraries, platforms and best practises. All this change is great if you have the option to build smaller products, either...

Ian Thomas Senior Principal Engineer @thestarsgroup
Panel: How to Make the Future Become Your Present

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop to look around once in a while, you could miss it." - Ferris Bueller    Software development moves pretty fast. What's new and amazing one moment is old and boring the next. How do you keep up with all the changes, and figure...

Mark Rendle Co-Author of gRPC for WCF Developers and Creator @VisualRecode
Richard Li Founder and CEO @datawireio
Michelle Garrett Software Engineer @CondeNast


Chris Biscardi Product Engineer @Honeycomb

Parallelizing Product Development with GraphQL

What are you doing these days? 

I work at Honeycomb, improving people's access to observervability. I work on product and anything related to the product. I'll go visit customers and help them do integrations, or I will change the UI or change the way that we're doing the data fetching. Things like that.

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Emily Nakashima Engineer @Honeycomb & Co-Organizer of the AndConf Code Retreat / Unconference

Observable JS Apps

Tell me a bit about managing the product team at Honeycomb.

We are a super small startup, we're scaling up quickly. The interesting thing that my team is tasked with is creating new ways to visualize and understand complex distributed systems. The tool is in a space between log aggregator, metrics, tracing — the intersection of all those kinds of tools. The most interesting thing that we do...

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Colin Eberhardt Technology Director @Scott_Logic

WebAssembly (And the Death of JavaScript?)

What is the focus of your work today?

I’m the Technology Director of Scott Logic, a UK-based consultancy that provides bespoke software solutions for our financial services clients. The main focus of my day-to-day work is meeting with clients, understanding their problems, and finding ways in which they can capitalise on new tools and technologies.

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Katie Fenn Software Engineer @npm

Reinventing npmjs.com

What is the focus of your work today?

Developing npm’s websites and services.

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Jamund Ferguson Web Platform Team Lead @PayPal

Bringing JAMStack to the Enterprise

Tell me a bit about what you worked on last year.

After QCon last year I started this consumer web platform team at PayPal, I had convinced my boss and a couple of the higher ups that we needed a full on front-end infrastructure team. And we started playing around with how we can get apps to be more performant, more stable, better developer experience, easier to deploy, all that...

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Miguel Ramalho MSc Student @UPorto (University of Porto)

Hello Quantum Developers World - Yet Another Frontier for JavaScript

What is the work you're doing today?

Lately I've been exploring a few interesting things on quantum. If you've seen the news recently, you'll know that compute companies like Microsoft, IBM, even Google, all of them are putting a lot of money, are putting a lot of time into quantum computing. And I think keeping up with that is one of the main things one can...

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