Track: Workhorse Languages, Not Called Java


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What does Python, Ruby, Go, and R have in common? They are all workhorses languages that modern companies are using to solve problems that just a few years ago they would have reached for Java to use. Come learn how Ruby is powering Infrastructure, Python is driving ML/Automation, and much more. Workhorse Languages Not Called Java is all about the richness in languages today. 

Track Host:
Rob Harrop
CEO @Skipjaq & Co-Founder of SpringSource
As CEO at Skipjaq, Rob Harrop leads a team working on the cutting edge of machine-driven performance optimisation. When he’s not thinking about how best to tune the myriad workloads encountered by Skipjaq customers, he’s thinking hard about how to pass the optimization burden on to machines that learn. Rob is well known as a co-founder of SpringSource, the software company behind the wildly-successful Spring Framework. At SpringSource he was a core contributor to the Spring Framework and led the team that built dm Server (now Eclipse Virgo). Prior to SpringSource, Rob was (at the age of 19) co-founder and CTO at Cake Solutions, a boutique consultancy in Manchester, UK. A respected author, speaker and teacher, Rob writes and talks frequently about large-scale systems, cloud architecture and functional programming. His published works include the highly-popular Spring Framework reference “Pro Spring”.
10:35am - 11:25am

Open Space
11:50am - 12:40pm

by Matt Long
Dev-in-test @OpenCredo

With the rise of DevOps, programmable infrastructure is reaching widespread adoption. However, although automated testing of software is becoming ever more common, the same cannot be said with testing the target deployment environment itself. With microservices making our deployments more and more complex, we can no longer afford to ignore this type of testing. This talk will take a tour through some approaches to environment infrastructure testing that we have...

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