Video schedule 2020

Over the course of the next 6 months, you can take a trip down memory lane and experience the presentations you attended or the ones you missed due to conflicting presentations. Videos of the presentations will be posted on Enterprise Software Development Community. Below you can find the publication calendar:
16 MAR
  1. Remote Working Approaches That Worked (And Some That Didn’t)
  2. Tough Call: Handling “Difficult” Remote Conversations Like A Pro
  3. Scaling Distributed Teams Around the Globe
  4. 3 Disciplines for Leading a Distributed Agile Organization
  5. How to Be a High Performing Distributed Agile Team
  • Charles Humble
  • Judy Rees
  • Ranganathan Balashanmugam
  • Mark Kilby
  • Lisette Sutherland
23 MAR
  1. Tesla Virtual Power Plant
  2. Understanding CPU Microarchitecture to Increase Performance
  3. Next Generation Client APIs in Envoy Mobile
  • Colin Breck, Percy Link
  • Alex Blewitt
  • Jose Nino
30 MAR
  1. Records and Sealed Types - Coming Soon to a JVM Near You!
  2. Secrets of a Strong Engineering Culture
  3. Streaming a Million likes/second: Real-time Interactions on Live Video
  • Ben Evans
  • Patrick Kua
  • Akhilesh Gupta
  1. The Future of Cloud Native API Gateways
  2. eBPF - Rethinking the Linux Kernel
  3. Cloud Native is About Culture, not Containers
  • Richard Li
  • Thomas Graf
  • Holly Cummins
13 APR
  1. The Internet of Things Might Have Less Internet Than We Thought?
  2. Technical Leadership Through the Underground Railroad
  3. Interoperability of Open-Source Tools: The Emergence of Interfaces
  • Alasdair Allan
  • Anjuan Simmons
  • Katie Gamanji
20 APR
  1. Panel: How to Make the Future Become Your Present
  2. How to Build an Engineering Culture That Focuses on Business Impact
  3. Beyond the Distributed Monolith: Rearchitecting the Big Data Platform
  • Mark Rendle, Richard Li, Michelle Garrett
  • Maria Gutierrez
  • Blanca Garcia Gil
27 APR
  1. My Team Is High Performing But Everyone Hates Us
  2. Panel: JavaScript - Is the Insanity Over?
  3. Panel: Microservices - Are they still worth it?
  • Stephen Janaway
  • Miguel Ramalho, Eoin Shanaghy, Katelyn Sills, Gordon Williams
  • Luke Blaney, Alexandra Noonan, Manuel Pais, Matt Heath
  1. A Brief History of the Future of the API
  2. Monolith Decomposition Patterns
  3. Kafka: a Modern Distributed System
  • Mark Rendle
  • Sam Newman
  • Tim Berglund
11 MAY
  1. From Batch to Streaming to Both
  2. DevOps Is More Complex and Harder Than You Think. Personal Lessons
  3. Internet of Tomatoes: Building a Scalable Cloud Architecture
  • Herman Schaaf
  • Patrick Debois
  • Flavia Paganelli
18 MAY
  1. Cloudstate-Towards Stateful Serverless
  2. How to Debug Your Team
  3. Machine Learning Through Streaming at Lyft
  • Sean Walsh
  • Lisa van Gelder
  • Sherin Thomas
25 MAY
  1. Infinite Parallel Universes: State at the Edge
  2. To Microservices and Back Again
  3. Should We Really Run It if We Build It?
  • Peter Bourgon
  • Alexandra Noonan
  • Paul Hammant
  1. How to Supercharge a Team With Delegation
  2. Developer Effectiveness: Optimizing Feedback loops
  3. Climate Change & Tech, Good and Bad Bedfellows
  • James Stanier
  • Tim Cochran
  • Paul Johnston
  1. Hello Quantum Developers World - Yet Another Frontier for JavaScript
  2. Bangle.js - Creating a Smart Watch With JavaScript
  3. Databases and Stream Processing: A Future of Consolidation
  • Miguel Ramalho
  • Gordon Williams
  • Ben Stopford
15 JUN
  1. Running third-party JavaScript
  2. Putting Node.js Serverless Apps into Production without the Pitfalls
  3. Moving Beyond Request-Reply: How Smart APIs Are Different
  • Katelyn Sills
  • Eoin Shanaghy
  • Bernd Ruecker
22 JUN
  1. JS � Character Encodings
  2. Record, Replay, Rinse, & Repeat: Easily Rebuilding Programmatic State
  3. Coccinelle: 10 Years of Automated Evolution in the Linux Kernel
  • Anna Henningsen
  • Greg Law
  • Julia Lawall
29 JUN
  1. Why Distributed Systems Are Hard
  2. Accuracy as a Failure
  3. How We Built a Generative Culture at Redgate
  • Denise Yu
  • Vincent Warmerdam
  • Jeff Foster
  1. Optimise for Time
  2. Introducing and Scaling a GraphQL BFF
  3. Quarkus
  • Andy Walker
  • Michelle Garrett
  • Sanne Grinovero
13 JUL
  1. Leading a Journey to Better Quality
  2. Monitoring All the Things: Keeping Track of a Mixed Estate
  3. Does Java Need Inline Types? What Project Valhalla Can Bring to Java
  • Maryam Umar
  • Luke Blaney
  • Sergey Kuksenko
20 JUL
  1. Evolution of Financial Exchange Architectures
  2. Lessons Learned from Reviewing 150 Infrastructures
  3. Visual Intro to Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Martin Thompson
  • Jon Topper
  • Jay Alammar
27 JUL
  1. The Modern Platform in 2020
  2. Panel: The Correct Number of Microservices for a System Is 489
  3. The Fast Track to AI with Javascript and Serverless
  • Justin Cormack
  • Suhail Patel, Jason Maude, Nicky Wrightson, Sarah Wells
  • Peter Elger
  1. Applying Machine Learning to Financial Payments
  2. Managing Systems in an Age of Dynamic Complexity
  3. Tiny Go: Small Is Going Big
  • Tamsin Crossland
  • Laura Nolan
  • Ron Evans
10 AUG
  1. Rampant Pragmatism: Growth and Change at Starling Bank
  2. BERT for Sentiment Analysis on Sustainability Reporting
  3. The Good the Bad the Ugly: Making Teams Perform Better
  • Daniel Osborne, Martin Dow
  • Susanne Groothuis
  • Victoria Puscas
17 AUG
  1. Kubernetes is Not Your Platform, It's Just the Foundation
  2. TornadoVM: Java for GPUs and FPGAs
  3. Microservices for Growth at
  • Manuel Pais
  •  Juan Jose Fumero Alfonso
  • Kenichi Shibata, Adam Stewart
24 AUG
  1. Security Vulnerabilities Decomposition
  2. Pony, Actors, Causality, Types, and Garbage Collection
  3. Live Coding 12-Factor App
  • Katy Anton
  • Sophia Drossopoulou
  • Emily Jiang
31 AUG
  1. Build Your Own WebAssembly Compiler
  2. Maximizing Applications Performance with GraalVM
  3. Lessons from DAZN: Scaling Your Project with Micro-Frontends
  • Colin Eberhardt
  • Alina Yurenko
  • Luca Mezzalira
  1. Performance vs. New Features: It Doesn’t Have to Be a Zero-Sum Game
  2. Designing Secure Architectures the Modern Way, Regardless of Stack
  3. Preparing for the Unexpected
  • Dmitry Vyazelenko
  • Eugene Pilyankevich
  • Samuel Parkinson
14 SEP
  1. Java in Containers - Part Deux
  2. Growing Resilience: Serving Half a Billion Users Monthly at Condé Nast
  3. Modern Banking in 1500 Microservices
  • David Delabassee
  • Crystal Hirschorn
  • Matt Heath, Suhail Patel
21 SEP
  1. The Evolution of Distributed Systems on Kubernetes
  2. Keep Calm and Secure Your CI/CD Pipeline
  3. Scaling N26 Technology Through Hypergrowth
  • Bilgin Ibryam
  • Sonya Moisset
  • Folger Fonseca
28 SEP
  1. Rethinking How the Industry Approaches Chaos Engineering
  2. A Year With Java 11 in Production!
  3. How Many Is Too Much? Exploring Costs of Coordination During Outages
  • Nora Jones
  • Andrzej Grzesik
  • Laura Maguire
  1. How the HotSpot and Graal JVMs execute Java Code
  2. Better Resilience Adoption through UX
  3. Reconciling Performance and Security in High Load Environments
  • James Gough
  • Randall Koutnik
  • Ignat Korchagin
12 OCT
  1. A Kubernetes Operator for etcd
  • James Laverack
Note: These dates are subject to change without notice.