Welcome to QCon London

Conference: March 12-14, 2008
Tutorials: March 10-11, 2008

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Some of our speakers


M. Fowler
Refactoring, Analysis Patterns

Erich Gamma
GoF Design Patterns Author

Kent Beck
First software patterns, XP, xUnit

Rod Johnson
Spring Creator
Randy Shoup
eBay Architect

Neal Gafter
Java Language Architect, Generics
Kevlin Henney
Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture

Linda Rising
Patterns Almanac, Patterns Handbook

Gregor Hohpe
Author, Enterprise Integration Patterns


Architectures You've Always Wondered About Myspace.com, Twitter, eBay, and other case studies.
Banking: Complex high volume/low latency architectures The latest innovations as well as time-proven best practices that architects of banking & finance systems need to know.
Agile in Practice
Leading practitioners will present and explain how Scrum and XP are implemented in the most effective way.
Evolving Java
Language evolution, dynamic languages, real time, concurrency.
.NET in the Enterprise
.NET has brought Microsoft's platforms into many business-critical applications, back-office, and server-side solutions.
Programming Languages of Tomorrow
Erlang, F#,, Intentional and Scala. How can we best leverage them in our next software project?
SOA, REST and the Web
SOA, REST and the Web: REST for SOA, Internet Scale Integration, REST and WS-* Harmony
The Cloud as the New Middleware Platform
The view on cloud computing from Google, Amazon, Yahoo!, Salesforce.com
Browser & Emerging Rich Client Technologies
Silverlight vs. JavaFX/Consumer JRE vs. Adobe Flex/AIR vs. Google's Ajax RIA stack
Domain Specific Languages in Practice
Takes DSLs to the next level by practical applications and tools that are useful today. Effective Design
Translate a set of abstract ideas into working and functional software in an effective way.
The Rise of Ruby
Learn how to best take advantage of what Ruby has to offer
XpDay Sampler