Presentation: "Thoughts on the generic-vs.-specific trade-off"

Time: Friday 10:45 - 11:45

Location: Fleming Room

Abstract: Whether it's DSLs vs. general purpose programming languages, or internal DSLs vs. external DSLs, or UML vs. MOF, or a specific XML format vs. XHTML, or tunnelling web service calls through HTTP POST or GET, the same abstract problem occurs again and again, forcing the architect to decide whether to go with a generic solution or invent a specific one. In this talk, Stefan will illustrate how this problem manifests itself in many different scenarios, outline the pros and cons of both the extreme as well as in-the-middle solutions, and derive a guideline on how to deal with it.
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principal consultant Stefan Tilkov, innoQ

principal consultant Stefan  Tilkov

Stefan Tilkov is co-founder and principal consultant at innoQ, a technology consulting company with offices in Germany and Switzerland. He has been involved in the design of large-scale, distributed systems for more than a decade, using a variety of technologies and tools ranging from C++ and CORBA over J2EE/Java EE and Web Services to REST and Ruby on Rails.

Stefan is lead SOA editor of InfoQ, author of a numerous articles and a frequent speaker at conferences around the world.