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Technical Architect Matthew Wall, Guardian Unlimited

Technical Architect Matthew  Wall Matthew Wall is Software Architect at Guardian News & Media, specialising in developing large scale web applications in an Agile environment. His primary concern at the moment is the development of the next generation web platform for guardian.co.uk. He has given various talks on this and related subjects at JAOO, ServerSide, QCon, XTech and OpenTech.

Presentation: "The evolving Guardian.co.uk architecture"

Time: Thursday 10:45 - 11:45

Location: Fleming Room


Guardian.co.uk has a long history of innovation that has enabled it to lead the market. The web site currently receives over 25 million unique users, 10 million in the UK alone, and 218 million page impressions a month.

In 2008, the development team completed a major programme of work to move the site onto a more modern platform. The "just in time" approach to architecture was very successful, introducing complexity into the architecture only when it is needed.

Mat Wall will be sharing his insights both on the guardian's fast-paced development process and their approach to platform architecture.