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Presentation: "Cloud 2017: Cloud architectures in 5 years"

Track: Cloud Architectures, APIs and Tools / Time: Wednesday 13:50 - 14:50 / Location: Westminster

5 years ago, the cloud buzz featured animoto and Salesforce. Today, the "in cloud crowd" discuss Netflix, private clouds and PaaS. What will we be talking about in 2017?

In this panel session, a group of irreverent cloud providers, watchers and consumers will share their observations and predictions of where current cloud trends are heading. We'll recap developments in recent years to provide a reference point for discussing what cloud stacks, platforms and applications we will be using in the near future.

An audience Q&A session at the end of the talk (and hopefully in the bar later that day!) will provide an additional opportunity to help shape *your* cloud ecosystem vision.

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Andrew Phillips, PMC Member, jclouds/ Track Host

Andrew Phillips

Biography: Andrew Phillips

An early believer in the ability of Java to deliver "enterprise-grade" software, Andrew quickly focused on the development of high-throughput, resilient and scalable Java EE applications. Specializing in concurrency and high performance development, Andrew gained substantial experience of the intricacies, complexity and challenges of enterprise application environments while working for a succession of multinationals.

Continuously focused on effectively integrating promising new developments in the JVM space into corporate software development, Andrew joined XebiaLabs in March 2009, where he is responsible for product management of their deployment automation product Deployit. Amongst others, he worked on Multiverse, the open-source Java STM implementation behind Akka, and contributes to jclouds, the leading Java cloud library. He's also enjoying the wide variety of JVM offerings, especially Clojure and Scala.

Mark Holdsworth, Software Developer

Mark Holdsworth

Biography: Mark Holdsworth

Mark is a developer who has been working in the world of web technologies for the last 10 or so years. Originally from Wellington, New Zealand where he studied computer science at Victoria University. Passionate about agile and lean software development practices and is a firm believer that cloud technologies are a key piece in the puzzle to allow small teams to achieve great things. Most recently he has been doing consultancy and contract work, primarily with Ruby and the Ruby on Rails web framework and as many cloud services as possible!

Martijn Verburg, CTO of TeamSparq

Martijn Verburg

Biography: Martijn Verburg

Martijn Verburg (aka 'the Diabolical Developer') is the CTO of TeamSparq, herds Cats in the Java/open source communities and is constantly humbled by the creative power to be found there. Currently he resides in London where he co-leads the London JUG (a JCP EC member), runs a couple of open source projects & drinks too much beer at his local pub. You can find him online moderating at the Javaranch or discussing (ranting about?) subjects on the Programmers Stack Exchange site. As the Diabolical Developer he delivers popular, highly controversial / thought provoking talks on Java, OSS and the latest fads at conferences such as FOSDEM, OSCON, JavaOne and QCon. Most recently, he has wrapped up his first Manning title - "The Well-Grounded Java Developer" with his co-author Ben Evans.

Patrick Debois, Bridging the gap between projects and operations

Patrick Debois

Biography: Patrick Debois

In order to understand current IT organizations, Patrick has taken a habit of changing both his consultancy role and the domain which he works in: sometimes as a developer, manager, sysadmin, tester and even as the customer.

During 15 years of consultancy, there is one thing that annoys him badly, it is the great divide between all these groups. But times are changing now: being a player on the market requires you to get these ‘battles’ under control between these silos.

He first presented concepts on Agile Infrastructure at Agile 2008 in Toronto, and in 2009 he organized the first devopsdays . Since then he has been promoting the notion of ‘devops’ to exchange ideas between these groups and show how they can help each other to achieve better results in business.

Website - http://jedi.be/blog


Richard Davies, CEO and co-founder of ElasticHosts

Richard Davies

Biography: Richard Davies

Richard Davies is CEO and co-founder of ElasticHosts. Richard joined ElasticHosts from the leading global management consultancy McKinsey & Company, where he advised senior management at a large number of global high-tech and telecoms clients. Prior to McKinsey, he was one of the founding software engineers of Forbidden Technologies plc, a leader in web-based video tools. He is a published author from the early days of Java development.