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Presentation: "High Performance Network Applications in the Capital Markets"

Track: Finance / Time: Thursday 10:30 - 11:30 / Location: Henry Moore Room

Message-oriented Middleware (MOM) is a category of products that helps simplify the task of developing distributed applications over varying operating systems, network protocols, and hardware architectures. The Financial Services sector, especially the Capital Markets, have pushed messaging capabilities, scaling, and performance in the last 10 years with the advent of algorithm trading and the meteoric rise in trade volumes. Now other traditional messaging use cases, such as logistics, travel, web infrastructures, and command and control are looking to the current and next generation messaging systems to revolutionize application integration, distributed system development, and infrastructure consolidation. Big Data problems are pushing many traditional data driven organizations to look at messaging as a means to handle both increasing loads and the need for a more real-time analytics approach. In this talk, Todd will cover:

  • 1) the key elements of messaging,
  • (2) how peer-to-peer messaging has revolutionized the Capital Markets latency race,
  • (3) how messaging systems are being implemented today and the technical challenges involved in designing for efficiency/scaling/resiliency, 
  • (4) where messaging systems and use cases are headed in the next 5 years and why queuing is dead.

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Todd Montgomery

Todd Montgomery

Biography: Todd Montgomery

Todd L. Montgomery is Vice President of Architecture for the Messaging Business Unit of 29West, now part of Informatica. As the chief architect of Informatica’s Messaging Business Unit, Todd is responsible for the design and implementation of the Ultra Messaging product family which has over 170 production deployments within the financial services sector. In the past, Todd has held architecture positions at TIBCO and Talarian as well as research and lecture positions at West Virginia University, contributed to the IETF, and performed research for NASA in various software fields. With a deep background in messaging systems, reliable multicast, network security, congestion control, and software assurance, Todd brings a unique perspective tempered by 20 years of practical development experience.