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Presentation: "Real World Big Data - Achieving 100K transactions per second with a NoSQL Database"

Track: Solution Track: Big Data, NoSQL / Time: Wednesday 15:20 - 16:20 / Location: Rutherford Room

Lee and Hsiao will present a Big Data use case requiring 100K transactions per second. They will briefly cover the architecture of MarkLogic, an enterprise-grade NoSQL Document Database and why it's a good choice for this case. Concluded by a detailed discussion about the techniques used, along with related performance analyses, to achieve the requirement, including pros and cons.

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Hsiao Su, Senior Performance Engineer at MarkLogic

Hsiao Su

Biography: Hsiao Su

 Hsiao is a Senior Performance Engineer at MarkLogic. Prior to that, Hsiao worked at Oracle on performance monitoring and system management related products. He has spent many years as a developer, and as a development manager. He has also worked with many Oracle performance experts on database performance issues.  

Ken Tune, Senior Consultant at MarkLogic

Ken Tune

Biography: Ken Tune

Ken has had a long and varied career in Financial Services and information technology, not necessarily at the same time. After reading Mathematics at Cambridge he joined blue blooded British merchant bank Hambros as a bond salesman before moving on to the more cerebral pastures of risk management at HSBC, where amongst other things he built the company’s first Value at Risk and Stress Testing systems. He took a year out to take an MSc in Computer Science at Imperial College, London, before returning to work in Cambridge for successful telephony billing startup Geneva Techology.

Always interested in probability, he spent a year with SportingBet.com, before returning to Finance with boutique pricing experts, Totem, later acquired by credit default swap specialists Markit.

His projects have ranged from large scale enterprise integration to innovative mashups of news and quantitative data.

Excited by the possibilities offered by MarkLogic, he joined six months ago, and has enjoyed working with a variety of media and finance companies.

Although much of his time is taken up with his young daughter, he enjoys squash and running, a wide range of reading and occasionally playing with his Arduino board and LEGO Mindstorms kit.