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Presentation: "Retrospectives, who needs them, anyway?"

Track: Agile Adoption / Time: Thursday 13:50 - 14:50 / Location: Fleming

The short answer is that everyone needs them. In order to learn from your mistakes (and what else is there to learn from?), you need to reflect on what happened as objectively as possible, and make a plan of action for what should happen next. And with the emphasis on retrospectives seen in the agile processes, it would be fair to say that most actually get a retropective on a regular basis. But that is not the case, since facilitating a retrospective is like coding Smalltalk; a minute to learn a lifetime to master. This presentation will, in much less than a lifetime, get you some of the way to create useful retrospectives.

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Aino Vonge Corry, Retrospectives Facilitator/ Track host

Aino Vonge Corry

Biography: Aino Vonge Corry

Aino Corry is a technical conference editor and retrospectives facilitator. She holds a masters degree and a ph.d. in computer science and is founder of Metadeveloper, her new tiny company. She has 12 years of experience with Patterns in Software Development, and teaches OO design, software architecture and development in academia and industry.
In her spare time, she runs and sings (but not at the same time)
Twitter: @apaipi
Video presentation: Functional Design Patterns