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Training: "The mobile web platform"

Track: Tutorial / Time: Monday 09:00 - 16:00 / Location: Wordsworth

In the past years, mobile web browsers evolved faster then ever before, offering new possibilities to the web developpers. But in a world ruled by the apps, what is the place of the mobile web ? And can it compete against the application stores ?

  • From the wap to the web
  • (webapps / hybrid apps) VS native apps

Now, from a more technical perspective, if you are still on for the mobile web platform, there are a couple of things that you should be aware of: it has its own rules and it has its own constraints.

  • The mobile web platform: an heterogeneous environment
  • The mobile web platform: a constrained environement

At that point, it will be time for us to dive deeper into the technical side and see:

  • How to build a mobile webapp
  • How to test a mobile webapp
  • How to debug a mobile webapp
  • The most common mistakes

Please bring a laptop with something to view code (a syntax highlighted notepad) and chrome or safari installed.

Jerome Giraud, Software engineer at Orange labs

Jerome Giraud

Biography: Jerome Giraud

Jérôme is a mobile web activist. He is a Software engineer at Orange labs where he has been working on the mobile web for a few years now. He is also the founder and project lead of Wink, an Open Source mobile JavaScript framework which is hosted in the Dojo Foundation. Prior to joining Orange, Jérôme graduated from the INSA of Lyon in computer science with a focus on mobile networks and has also been a trainee at HP, working on IMS. Jérôme is a member of the W3C.