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Addy Osmani, JavaScript developer for AOL

Addy Osmani

Biography: Addy Osmani

Addy Osmani is a JavaScript developer for AOL who prolifically speaks and writes about the language on a weekly basis. His material covers everything from building large-scale applications to using polyfills to bring the web's latest hotness to older browsers.

Whilst Addy loves writing, his true passion is in helping move the web (even a little) forward. He's a member of the jQuery Core bug triage and docs teams and has also contributed to the open-source library, Modernizr.

Addy is currently writing his second open-source book, 'Backbone Fundamentals' which can be downloaded from GitHub along with his some of his other open source projects.

Location: based in London, England
Previously written for: .net magazine, ScriptJunkie, Smashing Magazine and others.
Recently spoken at: Web Directions (South - Australia), FITC Spotlight on HTML5 (Canada), Web Directions (@media, London), Devoxx (Belgium)
Books: Backbone Fundamentals, Essential JavaScript Design Patterns, JavaScript Design Patterns (pending, Q4 2011/Q1 2012).

Presentation: Polyfilling The HTML5 Gaps With JavaScript

Track: Taming HTML5 & JavaScript / Time: Thursday 15:20 - 16:20 / Location: St. James

We all want to use HTML5 and the hot new features being implemented in our favorite browsers right away, but how can we use these awesome new capabilities while ensuring older browsers (like our friends IE6, 7 and 8) still render pages and features as expected?

Pollyfills are here to help. Polyfills are JavaScript shims that replicate the standard API found in native features of new browsers for those without such features and in this talk you'll learn how to both use specially written JavaScript to emulate HTML5 features and even pick up pro-tips about writing your own polyfills along the way