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Andrea Giammarchi, Engineer in Mobile HTML5 Maps team in Nokia

Andrea Giammarchi

Biography: Andrea Giammarchi

I am software architect/engineer in Mobile HTML5 Maps team in Nokia, in Berlin.

I have nearly 12 years as full stack web development hands on experience and I am focused since 2006 into JavaScript programming for both client and server. I am specialized in JavaScript extreme performances for both desktop and mobile phones and I am the main responsible for the snappy map engine you can find in http://m.maps.nokia.com I am also working together with the rest of the team in order to create a consistent cross platform UI and UX Nokia Maps experience. I am active contributor in ES-Discuss mailing list, the official EcmaScript discussion list, active blogger through the well known http://webreflection.blogspot.com, and active twitter user via @WebReflection account.

I am pioneer of solutions and I developed many performances oriented shims and polyfills used across different libraries and for different purpose while some other personal solution has been published in github or google code. I have been talking in different conferences such Front-Trends, JSConf.EU, and js-berlin group and I have also created a workshop about EcmaScript 5 and general JavaScript direction in ES6.

Presentation: Location aware mobile web app with HTML5 and JavaScript

Track: Cross Platform Mobile / Time: Wednesday 13:50 - 14:50 / Location: St. James

Taking a maps enabled application to new platforms entails several challenges: integration of static map data and dynamic traffic information, incorporation of routing capabilities and place Information.