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Andrew Stewart, Leads the business analysis team at LMAX

Andrew Stewart

Biography: Andrew Stewart

Andrew Stewart currently leads the business analysis team at LMAX, and has spent 20 years working on software development in organisations ranging from 3-strong start-ups to global consultancy firms and on engagements spanning banking, insurance, pharmaceuticals, utilities, oil & gas, telecommunications, gambling and most recently exchange trading systems. The bulk of his experience is in the data, modelling and MI space, specialising in high volume, high performance and inevitably high technology risk projects.

Presentation: Modelling in a Cold Climate.

Track: Finance / Time: Thursday 11:50 - 12:50 / Location: Henry Moore Room

A quick search on "Modelling" turns up more that 7,000 titles in the Computing & Internet Books section of Amazon. With that many authors willing to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard), this talk will try to investigate why our industry still expends so much energy creating bad models. It will focus on the challenges to effective modelling that are thrown up by both Agile development teams and the Finance business sector, based on experiences over the last 4 years at LMAX, building the world's first retail financial trading exchange.