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Arya Asemanfar, Twitter

Arya Asemanfar

Biography: Arya Asemanfar

Arya is the lead of the Timelines team at Twitter -- he's responsible for the architecture and implementation of the scalable systems that create the core of the Twitter experience: the users' timelines. His team manages the display and construction of the timeline as well as the development models around them so that all of engineering to quickly build and/or integrate timelines into their services. In addition, Arya is a core contributor to many of the foundational libraries that Twitter is built upon, such as Finagle (the open source networking stack). Beyond his primary role on the Timeline team, Arya is one of the core group that helps guide the overall architecture of all systems at Twitter.

Presentation: Running one of the world's largest real-time services @ Twitter

Track: Architectures you've always wondered about / Time: Thursday 13:50 - 14:50 / Location: Mountbatten Room

Twitter has been one of the world's largest Ruby on Rails website serving an incredibly large number of requests every single second of every single day. In order to scale both the real-time service and to be more resource efficient, Twitter has been migrating our core infrastructure to one that is powered by the JVM instead of a Ruby VM. This has also allowed us to remain extremely flexible.

This migrating has also allowed us to migrate from a nearly monolithic codebase where a vast majority of our software is co-located, to one that is more pivoted around distinct services that can be individually monitored, capacity planned, and reasoned about. This architecture is crucial for us running one of the world's largest real-time services -- not solely for the tweets, but also one that keeps the velocity of Twitter engineering high.